Do bed bugs frighten you? Are you suffering from bed bug infestations at home? If yes then this writing will help you to find out or inspect the places where these bugs actually grew faster.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae that feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals. These insects love to live in bedding and warm places. The Life Cycle of Bedbugs

The lifespan of Cimex lectularius is about 6-12 months and females lay about 200-500 eggs in that time. Despite their ability to survive months without eating, bed bugs are difficult to eradicate.

What Bed Bugs Eat?

They feed on victims’ blood by biting them. Many people are unaware of these insects until they are bitten by one. When these insects bite, they tend to bite around the tufts of hair on the victim, but do not restrict themselves to only bite there. The bites are painful, and the victims often do not get sick from the bites, but many people still do.

Places Where You Can Find Bed Bugs

 Here are 10 places where one can find these insects.

1. The Mattress

One of the first places a person can find bed bugs is in the mattress. In a mattress, bed bugs can easily hide and grow as the mattress is an ideal spot for them to hide. If you find yourself itching in the morning then the first thing you should check is to determine whether or not there are any bugs in your mattress.

2. Pet bedding

Having a pet at home is a must if you love pets. Bed bugs are parasites. There is no better place for bed bugs to multiply than on the bodies of pets and in the areas where they sleep. As a result, if you find any signs that indicate there may be bugs in your home, it is advised that you inspect your pet bedding.

3. Picture Frame

In order to clean your home properly, vacuum behind the picture frames on your walls. There could be a higher probability of bedbugs growing behind picture frames on your walls.

4. Behind Baseboard

Baseboards add elegance to the design of your home, but these are also an excellent breeding ground for bed bugs, which is why it is important to check behind them to get rid of bed bugs.

5. Recliner

The bed bugs like to hide their eggs inside sofas, couches, chairs, and recliners. Therefore, you need to vacuum all these areas as well.

6. Couch or cushions

As a result of the rough use of the couch and cushions, dust and contaminated materials tend to collect. Since bed bugs live near humans and couches are commonly used, they can easily hide in couches and other furniture.

7. Edge of an Electrical Outlet

Bed bugs avoid being sprayed by hiding in electrical outlets, so be sure to cover them. Once they are no longer at risk, they will travel elsewhere. In heavy infestations, bed bugs can migrate through walls and electrical outlets into other parts of the house, essentially spreading the infestation.

8. Box Spring

The bed bugs will want to stay near their food source as much as possible. When zips are closed, bed bugs have a chance to survive and grow quickly. Spring boxes are also breeding grounds, so be sure to check the whole area.

9. Headboard

One of the most common places where bed bugs breed is in the headboards. It is easy for them to hide behind them and begin growing rapidly.

10. Backpacks & Luggage

If you are on a trip, you should make sure your luggage does not touch the ground while being transported so that bed bugs can not be attracted to the bag.


Bedbugs are an increasing problem in Tulsa. Although they do not cause any disease but the bites can cause significant itching and discomfort. Bedbugs are often found in hotels, motels, homes, apartments, shelters, and dorm rooms. They actively work at night and be found in a number of places at your home. 

For more information to learn how to stop the spread of bed bugs.

Here’s a video that will show you how to check your home for bed bugs.

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