Guarantee Treatment Service

  Tulsa Bed Bug Specialists have been killing Bed bugs for years. With years of studying the behavior, biology, and chemistry of bed bugs we have developed proven and effective methods for the extermination of bed bugs in all situations. All bed bug infestations are not created equal. This means a product or method that works for a home might not work for an apartment building or a camper. As specialists, we pride ourselves on having experience in dealing with several different methods, techniques, products, and formulations to deal with bed bugs anywhere and in any situation.

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We offer a 60-day warranty on our Full-Service Treatment.

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Our Treatment Process

Every bed bug infestation is not created equal. This means that one method that works for a home may not work for a multiple-unit complex or a travel camper. Each treatment that we offer consists of multiple extermination methods. As well as using 2-3 bed bug insecticides and/or formulations. This creates the best outcome of total extermination in all situations, and a few reasons that separate Tulsa bed bug specialists from the competition.

1. Inspection before each treatment

An inspection will allow us to examine the level of infestation as well as determine if we need to use any unique treatment options. As well as determining what type of furniture and situation we need to treat.

2. Flushing out the bed bugs.

Bed bugs hide most of their life so forcing them to move out of their hiding space is the first best step to eliminating them.

3. Removing as many bed bugs as we can find.

 The next step is to remove as many bed bugs as we can flush out and find. Some would ask why wouldn’t you just kill the bedbugs where they’re at. Well, the answer is that we don’t want to leave any opportunity for the bed bugs to survive and under the very slim possibility that they can survive, I’m sure you would rather want them to survive somewhere else rather than your home.

4. Using a powerful insecticide specifically for bed bugs.

This step usually consists of using more than one-bed bugs product. We apply products that will kill all life cycles of bed bugs.  Breaking down and treating inside and around furniture as well as applying a barrier around the room so that bed bugs can’t run or hide without dying.

5. Preventive maintenance 

This step consists of the technician applying a residual insecticide that will work on killing bed bugs weeks and months long after applied. And of course, backed by a warranty.

Full-Service Treatment

 This treatment is recommended for anybody who wants the piece of mind after discovering bed bugs in their home or facility.  Our company has spent years developing these methods and processes to kill bed bugs in the most effective and safest way possible. This Service consist of using products that require certified technicians to perform the treatment.This service includes :

 7-Point Investigation Inspection

 5 -Step Treatment Process 

 Prevent Maintenance Treatment

 Integrative Pest Management (IPM)

 Follow-up treatment 21-30 days after the  first treatment 

 60 Day warranty after Follow-Up Treatment 

One time treatment

This treatment is recommended for clients with smaller budgets and or clients that have bed bugs isolated to one or two rooms.This treatment includes :

 7-Point Investigation Inspection

 5 -Step Treatment Process 

 Prevent Maintenance Treatment

 Integrative Pest Management (IPM)

 Preventive Maintenance Program Plan

After the treatment ask about our preventative maintenance program which prevents any future bed bug infestations from developing.For example this service is great (but is not limited to) for multiple unit Apartments and AirB&B’s housing.


7-Point Investigation Inspection 

Every bed bug inspection comes with a 7-point investigation inspection and a treatment plan recommended in writing Good for 30 days with an experienced licensed Technician.

Our technicians are experienced in where to expect and what to look for when investigating property for bed bugs. We know the usual places and even where to look in unusual circumstances but information from the customer is crucial.

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