How to prevent the spread of a bed bugs infestation?

BY:Tulsa bed bug Specialist


So here are a few ways to contain bed bugs. These  tips won’t eliminate your problem but they will keep them contained bed bug and prevent a spread of bed bugs  until you’re able to call a professional to deal with the problem. 


 1  Don’t use Foggers. Bed bug Foggers will usually spread the infestation to other furniture and other rooms in the house the bed bugs usually have enough time to survive and hide when used. 


2  Dont over use Diatomaceous Earth too .This can spread the problem into other areas of the room alerting the bed bugs on which areas to avoid.


 3 Don’t move areas. Don’t sleep in different rooms when you find that you have bed bugs the usual next step is to sleep in another room so you won’t get bite but this usually just spreads the infestation into  other rooms so try to deal with it in the room you found the bugs and stay in there until you can call a professional to eliminate the problem completely.


 4 keep your blanket.  Usually kids and like to take blankets from one room to the next to sleep try to keep all blankets and all pillows in the  original room they are found , bed bugs will travel on blankets etc.


 5  Dry clothes and bedding .Dry all pillows blankets and sheets on high heat  2-3 days this will keep bed bugs from reproducing quickly and kill any eggs hiding in bedding.


6 Follow instructions.  For the people that will not use a professional and try to do it themselves remember following instructions is always the best bet on eliminating the problem more product does not usually mean better results.

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