Why use Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist ?

Why use Tulsa Bed bug Specialist? What makes us different from the competition?

We offer a 60 day warranty 

 We offer a 60-day warranty on our Full-Service Treatment meaning that after our treatment you will be bed bug-free and if you have any complaints, or concerns or see any bugs within 60 days after the treatment we will come back out with no additional charge to retreat the property and eliminate the bed bugs completely.

 Discreet service

For inspections or treatment services we don’t show up to your house or facility with a truck that has bed bugs all over it. All our technicians are professional and will use discretion when approaching all situations. All our vehicles and equipment have our license number and contact info but that’s it. We understand the stigma that can come with bed bugs and the cost of losing business because of fear and assumption so our technicians are only instructed to contact the appointment setter and communicate in code if needed.

Minimum Preparation Required                                                   

 We have created a system where it requires our clients to have minimal preparation which only consists of stopping using any internet-suggested product and removing a pet from the treatment area until instructed, versus other companies that will give a long list of requirements to prepare before they offer the treatment which if not followed completely is an excuse to not honor their warranty.

Payment plan available 

We know that sometimes bed bug treatments can be expensive and unexpected cost so We offered payment programs that are affordable for a client in certain situations. ( Down payment required & For approved applicants only)

Unique Treatment Situation

All bed bug infestations are not created equal. This means a product or method that works for a home might not work for an apartment building or a camper. As specialists, we pride ourselves on having experience in dealing with several different methods, techniques, products and formulations to deal with bed bugs anywhere and in any situation. This means We can offer service treatments in situations such as Daycares, mobile homes, travel campers, vehicles,  multi-unit complexes, office buildings, medical facilities, etc.

 Locally Owned and Operated

We are a small business locally owned and operated in Oklahoma. Our customer complete satisfaction means everything to us. So while we don’t answer to any outside entity, we are able to offer our customers, great customer service while keeping costs low so that we can pass the saving on to you.

 Licensed and Insured 

We are fully Licensed and Insured and all the services that we offer. And certified in all products that we use. All our technicians go through extensive training and testing to be certified to offer our services. Our technicians are experienced in all techniques and methods that we use and are required by the state to have additional education yearly.


Safe for Children and Pets

No unsafe practices or products are ever used in our services. You and your family’s safety is our first concern. All our processes and treatment methods are researched and proven by the Dept of Agriculture (ODAFF). All the products we use are EPA certified and all manufacturer label recommendations are followed completely allowing for maximum safety and caution for you and your family. Product names and SDS data are given upon request.

 We use Integrated Pest Management ( IMP)

Imp stands for Integrated Pest Management, which means we don’t just rely on spraying chemicals to kill bed bugs. We do this by evaluating the property, identifying the pest problem, exclusion techniques, monitoring pest activity, and providing appropriate treatment with different formulations of residual insecticides as well as bed bug dust, traps, and baits. 


7- Point Investigation Inspection

Every bed bug inspection comes with a 7-point investigation inspection and a treatment plan recommended in writing ( Good for 30 days ) with an experienced licensed Technician. 

5 -step treatment Process

Every bed bug infestation is not created equal. This means that one method that works for a home may not work for a multiple-unit complex or a travel camper. Each treatment that we offer consists of multiple extermination methods. As well as using 2-3 bed bug insecticides and/or formulations. This creates the best outcome of total extermination in all situations, and a few reasons that separate Tulsa bed bug specialists from the competition.

1. Inspection before each treatment

An inspection will allow us to examine the level of infestation as well as determine if we need to use any unique treatment options. As well as determining what type of furniture and situation we need to treat.

2. Flushing out the bed bugs.

Bed bugs hide most of their life so forcing them to move out of their hiding space is the first best step to eliminating them.

3. Removing as many bed bugs as we can find.

 The next step is to remove as many bed bugs as we can flush out and find. Some would ask why wouldn’t you just kill the bedbugs where they’re at. Well, the answer is that we don’t want to leave any opportunity for the bed bugs to survive and under the very slim possibility that they can survive, I’m sure you would rather want them to survive somewhere else rather than at your home.

4. Using a powerful insecticide specifically for bed bugs.

This step usually consists of using more than one-bed bugs product. We apply products that will kill all life cycles of bed bugs.  Breaking downGet Peaceful Sleep in Tulsa Oklahoma and treating inside and around furniture as well as applying a barrier around the room so that bed bugs can’t run or hide without dying.

5. Preventive maintenance 

This step consists of the technician applying a residual insecticide that will work on killing bed bugs weeks and months-long after application. And of course, backed by a warranty.


We offer service to all kinds of facilities such as urgent care facilities, retirement communities, daycares, etc. Our licensed professional staff has experience treating apartment complexes, multi-unit homes, hotels and medical facilities. Doing so in a discreet manner as to not alert your clients, and for large facilities and multi-unit housing, we offer discounts.

Discounts Offered For:

  • Commercial & Multiple Unit Property
  • First Responders
  • Veterans & Military Personnel
  • Senior Citizens
  • Repeat Business 
  • Property Managers 

Why Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist for your inspection and Bed Bug Treatment? 

We offer Discounts for property manager also our service area include Broken Arrow, Tulsa , Jenks , Bixby , Owasso, Sands Springs , Sapulpa ,Coweta.Great customer service and bed bug infestation exterminated guarantee.Don’t throw your furniture away call us or visit our site today. 918-892-5254 tulsabedbugexterminator.com