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1.Why is bed bug extermination so expensive? 

Exterminating bed bugs can be a detail and time-consuming service which take experience technician plus specialize equipment and solutions.

2.Why do so many people have bed bugs ?

Because travel and shipping have become so much more affordable bugs of all kinds have been able to infiltrate certain areas and items which has since been spread through homes hotels and public areas.

3.Will throwing away your furniture get rid of bed bugs ?

Throwing away the furniture will not always get rid of the problem here in tulsa, OK area we know if we find furniture in large trash cans it’s usually the sign someone use to have bed bugs or is still dealing with them. 

4.Why are bed bugs so hard to kill ? 

Bed bugs have become resistant an Adaptive to store bought pesticides and old school methods also bed bugs are great hider so knowing how to flush them out is key on Exterminating the infestation properly.

5.Where did I get bed bugs? 

Usually you attract bed bugs by somebody coming over not knowing they have them or visiting a friend’s house Hotel or at school, gym, movie theater and attracting them without knowing.

6. Is heat the best way to go ?

Heat treatments is one option to kill bed bugs but it’s not the only way and sometimes usually not the most effective way.

7. if I wait for extermination what will happen? 

If you wait on Exterminating  your bed bug infestation usually it grows to be a more of a complicated treatment this means the cost could possibly go up when hiring a professional.

8. I think my room mate is bringing bed bugs to our home what do I do ?

First he or she needs to pinpoint where they might be coming from so figuring that out is key then you can come up with a plan to treat and prevent future infestation.

 9 can u see bed bugs ?

Bed bugs are visible to the eye but extremely small especially the eggs and pupils you might need a magnifying glass and flashlight or experience eye to find them.

10 what can I buy to get rid of bed bugs?

Usually the store-bought products are not effective at killing bed bugs it’s usually a waste of money and eventually you’ll have to call a professional. Dalmatians Earth have a popular solution for treatment by it’s not a effective one.

11. how big are bed bug?

Bed bugs are you a full grown bed bug is about the size of a Appleseed and pupils are you smarter than.

12. what do bed bugs look like ?

Adult bed bugs are about 3/16” long and reddish-brown, with oval-shaped, flattened bodies

13. Do bed bug feed on pets ?

No they don’t feed on pet normally but have been know to laid they eggs on them also pets have been  known to transport them from house to house . 

14. How do u protect myself from getting bed bug?

Diatomaceous earth is a good prevention tool for bed bugs also getting a mattress cover can help from buying a new mattress.

15. Do mattress covers kill bed bugs ?

Mattress covers does not exterminate the bed bugs or kill them it only protects your mattress from bed bugs and staining and also preventing you from buying a another bed .i

16. Do beg bug bites look different from other bites ?

As a pest control professional we are not doctors or dermatologist so we can’t identify bites compared to other pest everybody reacts different two bites of bed bugs so usually it’s best to take all bite serious and get a professional to identify the past.

17 How do i know if u got bed bugs ?

You first want to look for signs of bed bugs like brown or red spots or a little dots like pepper of fecal matter if not sure call a professional for an inspection.

18. Do bed bugs like clothes ?

Yes they love finding in clothes also pursue suitcase and pillows and sheets.

19. Are bed bugs common ? 

Pest Control tech magazine  has research that one out of five people has either have bed bugs or know somebody that has so having bed bugs is very common.

20. Where do bed bugs like to hide ? 

Bed the usual place bed bugs like to hide is the headboard of a bed box spring and couches these are the most common areas bed bugs bite your.

21.Can bed bugs fly ?


22.Can Bed bugs make you sick?

Usually No put but the irritation from the bites can make your skin l itch or develop a rash

23 Do bed bugs live in your hair ?

Usually no but if an infestation gets out of hand they could possibly crawl in your hair if that happens you could just wash it out normally Make sure you use A fine tooth comb.

24.Can bed bugs live inside walls


25.Can bed bugs live on animals

it is very uncommon but not out of the possibility.

26. Do bed bugs smell ?

Yes with a large enough infestation.

27.Why do bed bugs bite ?

Bed bugs have developed from bat bugs over centuries of adapting they have developing a taste for humans.

28. Why do bed bugs exist ?

Don’t know.

29.How do Bed bugs spread ?

Bed bugs can spread from friends coming over going over friends that have bed bugs. buying used furniture are hanging out in public places.

30.How do bed bugs travel ?

Usually on clothes and inside bags.

31.How do bed bugs reproduce?

Through a process called traumatic insemination.Traumatic insemination, also known as hypodermic insemination, is the mating practice in some species of invertebrates in which the male pierces the female’s abdomen with his aedeagus and injects his sperm through the wound into her abdominal cavity.

32.How often do bed bugs lay eggs?

1 to 5 eggs per day

33.Do bed bug bites itch?


34.Do bed bugs get on air mattresses

Although it’s harder for them to climb upon air mattresses they still can with enough time and enough bed bugs in the area

35.Do bed bugs get on dogs?

Possibly with a large enough infestation but usually bed bugs do not feed on dogs

36 . How quick can bed bugs get out of control? 

Without professional treatment bed bug can get out of control fast  a low – medium infestation can take 3 to 6 months depending on how many people live in the home.

37.What do bed bugs look like ?

Light brown, light red. 

38.What do bed bug eggs look like ? 

Clear or Every light brown and grey.

39.What do bed bugs eat ?

Bed bugs feed on people.

40.How big are bed bugs?

The size of a apple seed about the size of an apple seed (5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long); long and flat, oval-shaped body

41.How to check for bed bugs?

Use a flashlight look for bed bugs around bed mattress and inside box spring. 

42. How to get rid of bed bugs fast ?

Call Tulsa bed bug Specialist 918-892-5254

43.Does Diatomaceous earth work to kill bed bugs ?

Yes but slow.

44.What is the most effective bed bug treat ?

Product or chemical application. 

45.How long do bed bugs live?

On average 3-7 months 

46.Can Bed bugs jump? 


46.Where to look for bed bugs ?

Look under and around your beds check inside box spring and couches.