Why we don’t offer Bed Bug heat treatments ? 

We get a lot of customers and people in general asking us, why don’t you offer heat treatments?  So, sometimes people hang up the phone when we tell them we don’t offer heat treatments and most customers tell us,  the internet says it’s the only way to kill bed bugs. We usually ” sai ” and then explained to them why that’s not true. 

When referring to Bed bug heat treatments we need to be clear. We don’t offer heat treatment when it comes to bringing large gas or electric-powered heaters near or in your home and bringing the temperature up to between 122° to 140°. But in some cases, we do use heating equipment in our treatment process.

Reasons why we don’t offer bed bug heat treatments?

bed bug heat treatments

Now, here are some of the reasons why we don’t offer bed bug heat treatment.

First of all we found out that heat treatment doesn’t  work in all situations. This application is great for if you have a home or downstairs apartment but in our line of work, we have found that bed bugs can be found in all kinds of places like cars RVs and even in the back of semi trucks. Heat treatments get kind of complicated when you have to lug equipment upstairs or can’t even get large-heavy equipment in small or old buildings.

Second the liability of heat treatments, every pest control company will tell you how successful their heat treatments are but  they will  never tell you the failures or the damage that a heat treatment can possibly cause. When I say failure I don’t mean that it didn’t work  i mean that you killed all the bedbugs, but now your TV or laptop is ruined or even in some cases where the house has caught on fire but they were able to put it out before anything got out of control or before you founded out. Also if you live in an apartment you will need to get permission from the apartment complex,if not you could possibly be held liable in case something goes wrong.

bed bug heat treatmentsAnd third, how dependable is a heat treatment? Every company that offers heat treatment  also does a chemical treatment after the heat treatment is done. Most heating companies offer a chemical treatment after the heat because of a factor they like to call ” just in case ” (lol) . Don’t get me wrong heat definitely can kill bed bugs, but heating your home to 122 degrees will kill all kinds of bugs. Also heat cannot penetrate through structures or inside wall voids they can be potentially hiding in.They can hide behind baseboards inside dressers etc. Moving a mattress around a few times while in 122° Will definitely kill bed bugs and there eggs but what happens if a bed bug laid eggs inside a wall void after the heat has been applied, well a couple of days or weeks later you could possibly have another bed bug infestation.So if that chemical treatment is able to kill bed bugs and there eggs days or weeks later why is it not strong enough to kill on the first application or the only one?  

And forth of all the preparation constructions with heat treatments are extensive. From anywhere from removing cleaning products, alcohol products, ammunition to candles, house plants, etc. On top of all this, you also have to bags up clothing, bedding, and couch pillows. This can be several hours worth of work. Also missing any of these simple steps could possibly cause damage to your home and/or items, or at minimum provide an unsuccessful treatment.

Furthermore, Tulsa bed bugs Specialists have been studying the biology, chemistry, and behavior of bed bugs for years to come up with a method that is 100% effective and safe on killing bed bugs in any type of situation.

Why Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist for your inspection and Bed Bug Treatment ? 

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