Preventive Protection Plan 

Get rid of Bed bugs For life !

Bed bug  preventive protection plan 


Worry about bed bugs or have you gotten bed bugs before and never want to get them again ? 

Well ask us about our bed bug prevention protection plan ! This program includes bi monthly general pest  treatment and a  bi monthly bed bug inspections and preventive treatment . SO, as long as your enrolled you’ll never have worry about bed bugs if so we’ll take care of it 


Renters insurance and homeowners insurance do not cover bed bug infestations or treatments. Our one of a kind bed bug insurance program proactively works to capture or kill bed bugs as they are introduced into the home and stop them early. By killing the bed bugs before they have a chance to lay eggs and reproduce we are stopping the infestation before it starts. Our plan covers the prevention and treatment of a bed bug infestation in your home for one low monthly fee.


Program include : 

This service includes : 

Bi-monthly extensive bed bug inspection

Targeted Quarterly bed bug preventive treatment 

Bi monthly general pest treatment inside / outside treatment  ( Ant , Roach & Spider ) 

If you ever get a  free bed bugs while enrolled  we’ll take care of it for free . 


Bed bug prevention plan can save a homeowner on average $500-$3000


Offer requirements

Before protection plan can be given to clients 

An inspection must be performed by one of our technicians.

If the client had bed bugs at the property they must wait a minimum of 3 months before being able to offer this program.

Plans can not be given to a property with an active bed bug infection. 

Program plan require auto payment 

This program can only be issued for one property only pre agreement .

Only one Free full treatment Will be offered if the property becomes infested with bed bugs during this program.  

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