So you finally picked a pest control company to deal with your bed bug problem. Tried doing iyourself and it didn’t work. So you’re just happy to get this bed bug situation behind me. Day of treatment comes You’re anxious maybe because you don’t really know if the treatment is going to work or wondering why the price was so heavy high well regardless you’re just ready to kill these bugs that have changed your life.

You following prep instructions,pyou listen to the technicians instructions very carefully but the next day or a few days later you start getting bit again. You’re thinking what’s going a 1,000 questions come in your head did I do something wrong did I miss a missed something on the preparation did the technician not do something wrong Can I get a refund Are those really bed bugs still biting me etc etc.

well here’s a few The here’s a list of a few things that could possibly have went wrong but just remember that just because you get bit the next day or you’re still getting bit doesn’t mean they’re not dying they’re just not dead.

Lack of communication

First thing is is maybe something got mixed up in communication. Or there was a lack of communication meaning every company has different preparation instructions learning what to do and what not to do before treatment process is crucial to getting a safe and effective treatment to eliminate your bed bug problem there’s usually prep instructions and maybe even post instructions making sure you get a list from the company you hire is crucial here at Tulsa bed bug specialist We text a prep sheet to all our customers. Compare it to a lot of companies We have minimal in preparation instructions We have found that providing our customers with less preparation means that we can do our job with no surprises and always be able to hand it handle any situation that we can because we can’t always trust our customers to follow in preparation instructions 100%. 

Large infection 

Next reason is maybe you have a larger bed bug  infestation than you thought. Usually any bed bug company or pest control company can handle bed bugs and all kinds of situation but sometimes when technicians bid or inspect homes sometimes a reasonable treatment plan or a reasonable time frame is not given to control or eliminate the bed bugs. This can happen when getting information from the client for instance if you’ve been dealing with bed bugs for years but only tell  your pest control company that you’ve only think you’ve had them for a month or so this can maybe cause them to have to come back more than twice or or even allow for more time to get a complete kill.

Some pest control companies will advertise that they can eliminate them in one day but that’s usually not the case because heat can kill bed bugs that are crawling around and even if you and crack the crevices but the ones that are hiding behind walls or even sometimes eggs that are haven’t been hatched can sometimes beat the heat and thus a chemical or product application has to be applied after a heat treatment  So yeah it may take one time or one visit to kill the bedbugs it’s usually more than one process.

And with these more then one process sometimes sometimes it takes a few days to a few weeks after the treatment to kill any hiding bed bugs or eggs that have recently hatched after the treatment. This is why a residual insecticide application is applied after the heat treatment.

Not following the tech instruction 

Not following the technicians advice or instructions can be crucial when it comes to killing bed bugs in your situation. The instructions usually consist of what not to do before the treatment as well as preparation instructions and post instructions. Because bed bug treatments can be very expensive companies are very detailed on explaining their process and ensuring they do a great job but with providing this treatment service they usually need the client or customers help and obtaining a full elimination of bed bugs so not following questions not understanding the treatment process and not asking any questions you have could cost you a easy experience on eliminating the pest.

Not charging your behave habits 

Most people don’t really know where they found bed bugs but usually you can try to pinpoint the time frame of you getting them maybe a cousin spent the night from out of town maybe you visit a vacation and brought them back. Nevertheless if your clueless on how you obtain them it, you just might be the unlucky one of circumstance but if you are one of the few that know where they got the bed bugs like at your job or allowing a friend to come over every once in awhile then changing the habits is crucial.this means if you’re working in a public space like a hospital nursing home or etc you might from now on need to develop some habits that can keep you from contracting them in your home again this means maybe leaving your backpack or purse in the car when you’re at work changing your clothes when you come home every night before stepping in your home leaving your shoes at the door if you need tips on some advice on how to develop these new habits will provide will provide a link to our article with some helpful tips. (.   /).   So remember that if you know where you’ve gotten the bedbugs from you might have to have a hard conversation with yourself and your company that you keep or changing locations next time going on a vacation to a family member’s house whatever it may be this will save you energy money and frustration in the long run.

Alway go with company that offer an warranty 

So when dealing with picking a company to provide you bed bug service you definitely want to go with a company that gives you peace of mind.

whatever process you go with you want to go with a company that is experienced knowledgeable safe and effective on dealing with eliminating bed bugs. Al so you want to ask about what guarantees are warranties comes with the service seeing that bed bugs comes with a pricey tag sometimes you want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Some companies offer warranties some don’t .So definitely go with a company that offers a warranty on their work meaning as long as you do your part preparation instructions The company provides a visual inspection and a estimate on the service this should come with a warranty meaning a certain amount of time after the treatment is done with a piece of mind not seeing them in the warranty period . And if so they should be able to come back out retreat or handle the problem free of cost.

Takeaway, So remember when dealing with bed bugs most of the time is not a one and done situation Even if the company tells you it will be.Definitely use a company that use more than one treatment applications or provides more than one treatment appointment.

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