So Why are bed bug treatment so expensive?  Well, there are a few reasons and a few different methods and techniques for why it’s so expensive so depending on the treatment method treatment can vary in price but both are relatively still pricey.

  so first of all there are two main processes that you can choose for bed bug treatment usually one is considered heat treatment or the second is called product or chemical treatment. heat treatment is usually more expensive because it involves using large heaters large heaters that run by Fuel or energy source these heaters are large and expensive to lease or own in the fuel can be pricey because you need 2-8 hours of fuel or energy. when it comes to product application it can be a little cheaper because you’re only using labor and products.

 and usually the second is time and labor so it can take several hours to a full 8-hour day to rid A Home of bed bugs .so product or chemical treatment usually doesn’t take as long what it can use just as much labor moving things around and treating you behind and around and inside all the furniture in the home.  

  Bed bugs are becoming a more normal and more common situation manufacturers are coming up with more and more ways to eliminate bed bugs to help with competition in the market but because bed bugs are very annoying very uncomfortable and still come with a stigma the price has not come down a lot so expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 to treat a room and $1500 to $2500 to treat an average size house.

  when looking for hand-picking a pest control company to exterminate your bed bug problem a few things to check for will be online reviews, methods that use to kill the bugs, and also warranty information.

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