Bed bug infestation has become quite a common problem in the United States. Many people with bed bugs in their homes think about how to quickly get rid of these pests. Infestations can occur near a bed or furniture, and they are capable of hiding in crevices because of their small size. Those living in the city of Broken Arrow know that early bed bug detection is the best way to get rid of them, while the correct treatment methods have the same importance.

Although there are two major options: chemical and heat treatment, to get rid of the bed bugs, many consider heat treatment a much better option, yet they may not be aware of its disadvantages. It is considered the last resort, but it is worth mentioning that other appropriate methods can be much more suitable. Professionals like the Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist can easily determine the best way of getting rid of this problem when it is diagnosed.

How Common are Bed Bugs in the City of Broken Arrow?

In the past, bed bugs were never a problem, but there has been a sharp resurgence since the 1980s, and this happened because the bed bugs have become resistant to some pesticides. Other than that, because of domestic and international travel by people, the transmission rates have increased by a good number.

Today, most pest control experts consider bed bugs to be one of the major infestation problems in the United States. It can be attested in the city of Broken Arrow, which has become one of the worst bed bug-infested cities, and in that area, bed bugs are quite common.

Why is it Difficult to Treat Bed Bugs?

One of the main reasons why bed bugs are extremely difficult to treat is that they are small in size. Other than that, they are stealthy, and they have a survival instinct that keeps them in areas that are tight & difficult to reach. They can even lodge themselves in areas that might be thicker than the fingernail width.

Bed bugs come with the ability to stay out of sight for many months between feeding sessions. Because of this, they are hard to find and can be difficult to eradicate, even when you know their location. The bed bug colony can grow quickly, while the movement patterns of the bed bugs can become a huge problem. That is why companies like Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist offer their services, as they can find bed bugs and eradicate them.

What is Heat Treatment?

The process of heat treatment to kill bed bugs involves raising the home’s temperature to a certain point. Pest control specialist places a series of specialized heaters in all home parts. It can gradually raise the temperature to more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In this process, the fans are placed strategically so that the hot air can circulate, turning the infected room into an oven.

When the bed bug is exposed to temperatures between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed bugs begin to die within a few hours. When the temperature increases beyond that, the bed bugs die instantly, it is worth mentioning that the entire heat treatment process is discreet, which means that it can take a few hours and can be powered off with the help of a single generator.

Is Heat Treatment Effective for Bed Bugs?

It isn’t easy to answer this particular question, as it depends on whether heat treatment is done well or not. In some cases, it depends on the severity of the infestation. As there are several other ways to exterminate bed bugs, so it is better to look for other ways to kill the bed bugs.

The main disadvantage of heat treatment is that it can be costly, but it is also important to conduct the entire process comprehensively. In order to get satisfactory results, it is better to request home inspections by top pest control specialists like Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist. Then you can go for the next step in treating the bed bugs.

What are the Disadvantages of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

It can Miss the Cold Spots

Although many people say that if heat treatment is done properly, it can kill every bud bug in the home, things can be different in reality. Heat can penetrate the furniture better than pesticides but may struggle to hit every cold spot. Therefore, there is a chance that bed bugs that hide deep inside the furniture might be able to survive.

Exterminators like Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist Don’t Offer it

Some exterminators use pesticides in all parts of the United States, and Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist is one of them. Using pesticides has been one of the most successful methods of killing bed bugs for decades, but heat treatment is completely different. The technique is not as widely available, and not all companies or exterminators offer it.

Bed Bugs Can’t be Repelled by Heat Treatment

There are methods to treat bed bugs that can last for a long time, and these methods can kill and repel the bed bugs when the treatment is properly applied. So, if any of the bed bugs are missed, they are dealt with again. When it comes to heat treatment, the house temperature returns to normal when the treatment is done, and when people bring new bed bugs through their luggage or clothes, they will again reproduce.

Heat Treatment is Always Difficult to Perform

It is always easy to buy bed bug treatments and pesticides online, but heat treatment can be difficult to perform. There are a few heat treatment methods, including laundering and steam cleaning. It is never possible to reach every corner of your home, and this is where you may need an exterminator to ensure you get rid of the infestation.

What Makes Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist the Best Choice?

Bed bug infestation can still spread in your home and overwhelm you if you take all the right steps to eradicate them. In this case, no remedies or heat treatments can be enough. Therefore, you need an exterminator like the Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist, who will offer you the best bed bug solution in the city of Broken Arrow. You will find us worth it for the peace of mind that we bring to you. We also guarantee that if the bed bugs come back, you will not have to pay again.

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