So here are a few reasons why bed bug heat treatments fail The biggest thing is they only rely on heat to kill the bed bugs that hide 99% of their life so if the heat can’t penetrate where bed bugs lay their eggs like inside furniture or wall voids then the heat is pretty much useless.The next reason could possibly be because they’ve only used heat most good companies that get rid of bed bugs on a regular weekly basis like us use multiple techniques processes and solutions to get ready for bed bugs in situations we handle.

   Another thing to remember is that heat treatments only work as long as the heat is on once the heater is cut off the method of killing the bed bugs has ended. This means that if any have survived the heat meaning if they hid before it got too hot or never came out because the environment was too uncomfortable for them then you still have bed bugs alive in the area. 

    Another reason that heat treatments sometimes don’t work is the lack of training some technicians are given machines that heat up a home but there are several techniques to actually heating a home properly to get rid of the bed bugs. Like heating, a home too fast could potentially warn the bed bugs of the danger and they immediately start hiding away from the heat.

  And always remember that all heating elements that heat the home are not created equally some heaters are propane-fueled some are electrical powered to heat your home and usually fans are used to move the heat evenly around the home or area but be careful because some of these are more powerful than others so one system might take longer than the next meaning more time is more risk of something going wrong.

And we have to look at the dangers of using large heaters to heat homes to high temperatures you can possibly damage items damage electronics also damage property which we’ve seen several times in situations.

  One reason that we don’t just offer only heat to treat homes is that it requires the customer or client to do a lot of prep work. We found that when we rely on the customer to do a lot of prep work is more possibility for them to prep wrong and actually make the treatment more difficult for effectiveness.

  And remember that heat treatments use large heaters to heat your home this equipment is expensive some companies lease this equipment and also others buy it right out so by doing this they pass that cost onto you so when a company uses heaters the potential is usually for the price to go up. with some of these companies, they’re factoring in the cost of the labor, transportation, liability, and equipment with other solutions vs getting the same results with labor, transportation, liability, and other solutions.

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