Our Bed bug treatment warranty

Full Bed bugs treatment with Pathfinder Pest Control also know as Tulsa bed bugs specialist.

We offer a 90 day warranty following the 2nd inspection and treatment. This mean that if bed bugs are found alive or infections is still found active. We will schedule and offer a free re-treatment or provide the necessary methods to exterminate the bed bugs.

Alive and/or active bed bug infection do not include itchy skin, evidence of whelps or irritated skin.

Hear say , Assumptions ,Pepper strain , molt bed bugs skins are not alive Bed bugs or active infection.

Retreatment or additional treatment are only scheduled and perform when alive Bed bugs are found.

Warranty and Guaranteed

Preparation instructions.
Warranty and Guaranteed are void when preparation instructions are not followed correctly . If the technician proceeds with the treatment without verbally or writing statements that the preparation instructions have not been followed completely or correctly this is an indication that you have met the requirements of preparation instructions.

If the customer or client has discovered the original source of bed bugs transfer. And has intentionally allowed this source to visit the treated property again without proper professional treatment at their property,home or dwelling.
Pathfinder Pest Control LLC will not honor its warranty or guarantee.

Before every treatment Pathfinder Pest Control sends a web link with preparation instructions and Do’s and don’ts and a description of our treatment process. On this text we indicate that before and after treatment is scheduled no self treatments are allowed This means no diatomaceous earth alcohol, insecticides cleaning and disinfecting solutions of any kind should be used. These products can sabotage or even neutralize our treatment methods. Making our treatment ineffective. If this occurs Pathfinder Pest Control LLC will not honor our warranty or guarantee.

New item
We suggest at the time of scheduling the service no additional furniture should be bought or after treatment until the infestation is completely eliminated. We suggest 30 days after bed bug infestation is completely eliminated.

Multiple housing units or apartments
We pride ourselves on our service and have experienced many situations. We have many techniques and treatment methods to kill bed bugs in alot of situations. What we cannot prepare for is controlling pest in one unit or apartment without treating the surrounding areas or apartments where bed bugs could have possibly originated. If this is the case we will have to inspect the surrounding units or apartments before we can give a warranty or guarantee.


The customer and/or client has the ability to purchase additional protection and prevention of bed bugs which includes bi monthly inspection with bi monthly preventative treatment for an monthly price of 29.00-59.00.pricing and service schedule will be present on a written agreement.

This bed bugs preventative plan can only be purchased if an inspection is performed an no activity Bed bugs infection is found or if an treatment is found successful elimination of a present bed bugs infection by Tulsa bed bugs specialist also known as pathfinder pest control LLC.

Pest damage
Pathfinder Pest Control LLC is not responsible for any pest damage to the above described structures and property before, during and after pest inspection and/or treatment or for any content within. Guarantees and warranties are invalid when preparation instructions are not followed by customers. Check with pest technician for safety procedures after treatment.

Some of our services come with a 30-day guarantee. Check the office manager or technician for details.

Bed bug guarantee
See blank for bed bug warranties and guarantees

Would destroying past
When providing any wood destroying pest treatments a contract must be signed by homeowner and/or supervisor before treatment can start.

Customer cooperation


we can provide pest control certifications license numbers insurance information and bond information if requested by the client or customer.