What to Expect ?


Preparation Instructions 

NOTE : Our Pest Control service is discreet our service vehicles will not have our company name visible for you and your family’s privacy.

We found that too much preparation could potentially disturb the bed bug infestation and spread them further into items and other rooms. Many companies will require you to bag up clothing, bedding, and even shoes. We recommend that you do not do this. Let our technicians handle it.

Also Flipping over mattresses or box springs could also potentially disturb the infestation so we recommend not to rearrange any furniture. This ONLY APPLY UNLESS you’ve been giving alternate preparation instructions over the phone or after an inspection.

Throw away unneeded items. Declutter and organize rooms.

Provide access to walls, closets, and areas around the furniture to allow for a thorough inspection and treatment.

Remove any Cpap and breathing machine and medication around beds and place in an untreated area. if you have any items are under the bed inspect well then place in untreated area.

Please let the technician know if you have a motorized couch, bed frame, captain bed, or bunk bed this could possibly affect the pricing.


DO NOT use any bed bug fogger for up to 2 weeks before your treatment. if used, please let us know ASAP. This will negatively impact your treatment. 

 DO NOT use any bed bug spray or dust ( Diatomaceous Earth, DE ) before treatment. if you used anything to self-treat please let us know before the appointment.

DO NOT use disinfectant around the beds or furniture after treatment. 

What to expect 

Areas must be vacant of pets and people during and after treatment, see pest control technician on re-entry time period. Be prepared to leave the treated areas for a minimum of 3-6 hours.

 Make sure pets like cats & dogs are Caged up or placed in an untreated area.  

Occupants cannot stay in the area while being treated.

Bed bug treatment can be a detailed service breaking down bed frames, treating inside dressers and nightstands, etc. So any items not wanted to be seen, need to be removed prior to treatment and placed in an untreated area.

After the treatment 

Dry (in a dryer) bedding & clothes bagged by the tech after treatment.

Do not use any bed bug solution after treatments.

Do not move items from room to room. This could contaminate the unaffected rooms. (Do not move new occupants or furniture in the home until the complete infestation has been exterminated.) 

After the home is treated, occupants must continue to use beds and furniture normally. (This means sleeping in your bed the same night after treatment.)

Don’t put bed skirts on any beds until 45 days after treatment.

Only put one fitted sheet on each mattress until the infestation is completely eradicated. ( No mattress pads ) also do not put on mattress encasement after treatment unless the encasement was on mattress before service begin.

Payment is due upon completion of the first treatment. Checks can be made out to Pathfinder Pest Control LLC. Phone quote Pricing can be subject to change due to inaccurate descriptions of the service areas but the technician will let you know before service.


Any Violations of the Per or post-preparation instructions could possibly result in an additional fee or void of warranty.

Thank you for your cooperation


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