It is a fact that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can cling to anything that can bring them closer to where people rest. There is a possibility that people can pick up a bed bug when visiting an infestation like a friend’s home, a hotel room, or even a dorm room. It can also get to your clothes and luggage.

There are several bed bug treatments out there on the market. Ultimately the best way to control bed bugs is to call a pest control service like Pathfinder Pest Control. But there still are a few ways through which it can become possible to get rid of bed bugs permanently from home effectively.

What are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

  1. Look for the First Infestation Signs

There are a number of people who are not aware of the bed bugs until these bugs start feeding on them. If a person has bites anywhere on the body, it is a sign of an infestation. They tend to give a musky odor, so if you smell them, you have to start investigating for other signs.

  1. Clean Your Mattress

You may not realize it, but your mattress is actually a scene of a crime, and it is quite a common place for you to find bed bugs. You have to use a stiff brush to scrub the seams of the mattress. This can be helpful in making their eggs and shells come loose. After that, you can vacuum the mattress from all sides.

  1. Always Wash Your Fabrics

It is worth mentioning that heat can be quite a killer of bed bugs. Therefore, you can begin by washing any of your belongings in hot water. You must remove the bed bugs from the clothes, towels, bedding, and stuffed animals. It would help if you put everything made of fabric in the washing machine and then give it high heat.

  1. Declutter the Home

Many people believe that only a poorly maintained or filthy home can cause bed bugs. In reality, a home with great housekeeping can even get infestations. So, wherever clutter tends to exist, there could be bed bugs. The best way for you is to do intense decluttering of the home.

  1. Fill the Wall Cracks

Bed bugs always look for hiding spots, and cracks in the plaster of the walls are perfect for them. These bugs tend to build their nests in these cracks or a place where the wallpaper is lifted. It is better to thoroughly inspect the home walls and use glue to seal the edges.

  1. Seal the Areas that You Cannot Clean

There are certain items like tables and chairs that can’t go in a washer. It is important that you seal off such items in plastic cases. Sealing the bed bugs in the cases for a long time can kill them if they are hiding in any cracks or corners.

  1. Take Time to Steam Clean

If you want to have a bed bug-free home, then using a steamer can be the best tool. The heat produced by the steam can instantly kill the bed bugs as well as their eggs. You need to take the streamer and spray each of the rooms slowly. Pay attention to the baseboards, window trim, and carpet.

  1. Schedule Regular Bed Bug Inspections

When you are able to get your home treated by experts like Pathfinder Pest Control, then you must be proactive in the future. It is better to schedule regular inspections from a reputable company and keep an eye on the signs of bed bugs.

  1. Let in Some Air

Many of us may not know that bed bugs thrive in the carbon dioxide that comes from our mouths when we breathe. When we open the windows, we are able to disperse this carbon dioxide. This helps to make the atmosphere less pleasing for the bed bugs and reduces their chances of survival.

  1. Always Use Organic Sprays

There is no doubt that an organic bed bug spray can be the best non-toxic option to get rid of bed bugs. The one that you buy over the counter may have organic essential oils that can eliminate bed bugs. The main advantage of such sprays is that you don’t need to breathe any toxic chemicals when sleeping.

  1. Vacuum the Area

Using a strong vacuum to clean the area is another great option. Experts always suggest that you use a narrow vacuum nozzle so that you can reach the gaps, the bed frame, the mattress, and the corners. This can help remove the remaining bugs and their eggs.

Call Pathfinder Pest Control to Remove Bed Bug Infestations from Your Home Effectively

Although there are many ways to get rid of bed bugs in your home, the best way is to get help from professionals like Pathfinder Pest Control, who have been providing their services for many years. This Tulsa bed bug specialist has highly trained and experienced technicians who apply the most modern techniques for removing bed bug infestations from commercial settings and homes, giving their customers peace of mind.

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