Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can cling to anything that can bring them closer to where people rest. There is a possibility that people can pick up a bed bug when visiting an infestation like a friend’s home, a hotel room, or even a dorm room. It can also get to your clothes and luggage.

As bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to eradicate, their infestations can occur in any place where people are frequent. They can hide in unusual places because of their flattened body and small size. There are several ways to get bed bugs, and if there are any signs of infestation, the best way is to get help from experts like Pathfinder Pest Control to get rid of them permanently.

What are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

  1. School and Work

It is common to pick up bed bugs at school or the workplace. Schools can be notorious locations for spreading diseases and insects. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on the backpack or clothing of your kid. On the other hand, if you are working in a communal environment, there are chances that you can have bed bugs.

  1. Public Transportation or Air Travel

If you are traveling on a bus, a train, or an airplane, you might get bed bugs from a person who sat there before. These bugs can immediately retreat into the seat cushions and reemerge to look for shelter in another person. There is also a chance that your bag may be placed close to the one that already has bed bugs.

  1. Travel Lodgings and Hotels

Whether bed bugs hang out in the luggage or hide in the hostel or the hotel mattress, they can easily hop into your belongings and ride home with you. It is worth mentioning that they might arrive with a house guest who has recently stayed in a hotel, hostel, or motel.

  1. Movie Theater

When people head to movie theaters, they spend a few hours sitting on a chair with many other people. They can potentially get bed bugs because bed bugs become active in darkness. Therefore, movie theaters can be the best places for these bugs to strangle from one individual to another.

  1. Nursing Homes and Hospitals

There are several patients and families who believe that a healthcare facility can be the safest location for bed bug infestation. Sadly, this is not the reality. Around one-third of pest management companies in the United States treat hospitals for infestations. Just like hospitals, nursing homes have also seen an increase in bed bug infestation.

  1. City Libraries

Everyone would love to visit a library filled with books, but there can be another problem in the folds of each novel, the bed bugs. These pests love to hide in the pages and spines of old books. This can make people vulnerable as they can bring an infestation to their homes.

  1. Coat Closets

There is a widespread practice that people check their coats when going out. However, it can be a little risky with the resurgence of bed bugs. A coat might be placed in a confined place close to several jackets, and this can make it the best place for the bed bugs to hide in.

  1. Laundromat

Another prime place to encounter pests is a shared laundry facility. In a laundry, people have to unload their washing into the carts, tables, and baskets. Here, the bed bugs can escape from one cloth to another into the washing machine.

  1. Taxi or Uber Ride

Bed bugs have the tendency to infest any area where they can have access to a blood meal. There have been reports that bed bugs have started to infest taxis and Uber rides. They can get into the taxi with luggage, clothes, or any other items that people carry.

  1. Gyms

A gym is another place where people carry bags of personal items that are put into the lockers. When in a dark locker, bed bugs can leave one bag and crawl into the one that is next to it. Therefore, a person can carry a bag home filled with sneakers, gear, and bed bugs.

  1. Neighbors

If you are living in an apartment building where one of the tenants carries bed bugs, then there is a possibility that you may also have the same problem. These pests can slick through the outlet covers, electrical boxes, and even wall cavities and infest your home.

Call Pathfinder Pest Control to Remove Bed Bug Infestations from Your Home Effectively

Humans and their belongings basically transport bed bugs. There are different ways through which they can enter your home. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, the best way is to get help from professionals like Pathfinder Pest Control, who have been providing their services for many years. This Tulsa bed bug specialist has highly trained and experienced technicians who apply the most modern techniques for removing bed bug infestations from commercial settings and homes, giving their customers peace of mind.

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