Rubbing alcohol is a solvent and can kill insects by dissolving their outer cells. Rubbing alcohol is also a desiccant, or drying agent. Therefore, it can destroy bed bug eggs and adults by drying them out. But Pest control would not recommend using it long term due to its flammable nature. 

There our more cons than pros when using rubbing alcohol likerubbing alcohol has no residue meaning it will kill on contact but if you have to worry about the bugs you cant see .

Rubbing alcohol is flammable which means if you spray the wrong item or in the direction you could start a fire.

Also studys have showed that usually rubbing alcohol is a solution that short terms. You’ll win a few battles but not the bed bug war. 

Not only that, but rubbing alcohol is a desiccant. It dries the bed bugs out.But only on contact and usually dry up before other bugs come across the solution.Rubbing alcohol repels the bugs, discouraging them from crawling or laying eggs on a surface treated with the alcohol. Because of this, spraying bedding and furniture with rubbing alcohol has gained a reputation as an effective strategy in the battle against bed bugs.this does not include drinking alcohol ( Ethyl alcohol ). Using rubbing alcohol usually only relocated the pest potentially spreading the infection further. 

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