There is a time of the year when students head back to their college, and bed bugs are one of the things that they need to worry about. College dorm rooms and other types of housing for students are surely ripe for bed bug infestations. Because colleges are home for so many different people from all over the world, combined with the fact that bed bugs can hitch rides in clothing and suitcases. Therefore, colleges are the most common places for their infestations.

When students are heading back to the start of their new school year, it is very important to inspect a few places and keep an eye on to spot a bed bug infestation before things start getting bad. Disinfect your home with Germ firm disinfectant service as we offer a professional disinfection service. You can contact our experts to prevent and remove bed bugs in your home and office.

The following are the main hiding spots for bed bugs when you inspect the college dorm room.

  • Beds

As these insects are known as ‘bed bugs,’ therefore, it is obvious that the first place that you need to inspect is the bed. Keep in mind that it doesn’t just mean your mattress because these insects can hide in the small cracks in the bed frame. You need to look throughout the mattress and go for every wrinkle and space.

  • Baseboards

Although bed bugs are known to be found in objects that are mostly covered with fabrics, they can hide anywhere. This may include the baseboards around the bottom of the walls of the room. You will find them hiding in the electrical sockets near the ground or behind anything that may end up against the wall.

  • Box springs

If you can find the bed bugs on your bed, you will need to treat the box springs. You have to inspect the seams along the top side of your box spring and stand up the box spring so that its backside is clearly visible. There are chances that you will find live bed bugs along with the staples, tuff, and cracks.

  • Dressers

Bed bugs can easily go into clothing or hitch a ride into the dorm room by climbing into the suitcases, and in the end, they may end up inside the dressers. You have to inspect the drawers or search for the shed skins or the insects themselves. They may hide in the corners or on the stored clothing.

  • The roommate’s bed

If you live with a roommate, you have to see whether your roommate is noticing any itchy bites on the body. As the survival of the bed bugs depends on human blood, so they can be irritating. There are chances that your roommates may not be telling you about the bed bugs on their bed, but you can notice small spots of blood on their sheets or the red-colored spots on the sheets.

Bottom Line

The bed bugs can spread throughout the campus quite easily, and once they can infest a room down the hall, they can infest the entire dorm. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the college dorm room to find bed bugs. The room should be kept clean as it greatly reduces the risk of bed bugs in the dorm room or infesting the student housing.