Bed bugs are among the worst pests found in any home, and people in all parts of the world want to get rid of them because they feed on human blood. It means that they will bite the entire family, usually at night, when people are asleep. The main reason why bed bugs are so feared is that it is very difficult to get rid of these pests.

The only trick to getting rid of the bed bugs is killing them, which is why bed bug foggers or bombs sound like a very appealing choice to many. People believe that foggers can wipe out the entire bed bug infestation, but they are not a very effective option. If you want to get rid of the bed bugs permanently, you need to get the services of a professional like Pathfinder Pest Control to eliminate the worst infestations completely.

What are Bed Bug Foggers?

The idea behind using a bed bug fogger is not that difficult. This product is normally an aerosol can that has a pesticide. When the can is activated, it sprays the pesticide in the air in a fine fog or mist. When the fog gets released, it goes into the air and then sinks towards the floor. So, a bed bug fogger can cover a good area to kill pesticides without much effort.

When the fogger is activated, people have to leave the area immediately. One cannot be enclosed in a room even with protective gear. Everything in your room can be covered with a pesticide, including furniture, floors, and kitchen surface. When the fog is cleared, the area is then wiped down to ensure that the pesticide residue is removed.

How are Foggers Used to Treat the Bed Bugs?

There are several people who consider foggers to be shortcuts to killing bed bugs in minutes. This is why they have become attractive to homeowners who try to clear their homes of the infestation of these pests.

The main idea of using a bed bug fogger is that a room’s surfaces are covered with pesticides. People believe that this can kill all the bed bugs immediately, and they can get free of infestation. However, as the bed bugs tend to hide in places that are hard to reach, therefore, foggers are never a good idea.

Why Should You Not Use a Bed Bug Fogger?

When you fill your home with a cloud of pesticide, it sure looks like the best way to kill the bed bugs inside your home. But in reality, foggers are never effective, and even the best companies like Pathfinder Pest Control have found a few issues using these foggers, and this keeps them from using this tool.

  • One of the main issues with using a bed bug fogger is that the bed bugs remain hidden. The pesticide can have a tough time reaching them. When not feeding actively, bed bugs tend to stay in their harborages.

  • Usually, the bed bug foggers are synthetic pyrethroids. Because of their widespread use in all parts of the world, bed bugs have been able to develop immunity against pesticides. As a result, the product might kill a few insects, but not bed bugs.

  • A bed bug fogger can have a much higher risk of accidental exposure as compared to a conventional spray. As it covers the surfaces in a mist of pesticide, one may forget to clean an area after treatment, and this can be potentially dangerous.

  • When we talk about store-bought insecticide foggers, they are not strong enough. These foggers are a contact kill, meaning they need to land directly on the bed bug so it can die.

Why Pathfinder Pest Control is the Best Option?

Although you will have several options to control the bed bugs, Pathfinder Pest Control is at the top of the list. The main reason for their success is that they have served thousands of clients on residential and commercial properties. This Tulsa bed bug specialist comes with a team of expert technicians that are properly trained to remove & treat any bed bug infestation. Therefore, they will ensure that you permanently remove the bed bug infestation around your business or home.

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