What preparation should I do? 

Usually for bed bug treatments preparation consists of sorting straightening up around your rooms removing bedding bed skirts begging them up and washing and drying them. A lot of companies have a long checklist of items to do but here at Tulsa bed bug exterminator we keep it simple.

What warranty or guarantee do you guys offer ?

This is definitely a good question to ask because you don’t want to waste your money on exterminator come coming back and back and back to retreat if needed. Most treatments don’t require over to treatments unless you have a really bad infestation a really bad information would consist of three or more rooms infested for more than 6 months. Most companies offer warranties when getting the full House treated but definitely get details because if the treatment is sabotaged you might be on the line for another treatment yourself, this would include things like bringing back bed bugs intentionally using store-bought foggers or bed bug spray.

Will I need a follow-up? 

I would say 9 out of 10 times most bed bug treatments do inquire at least one follow-up but double check with your exterminator but if your infestation is not too bad one or two treatments might be all you need.

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