Today I’m writing this article because earlier today I had a bad bed bug job appointment I had to do and one of the reasons it was a difficult job is because the client was not ready for me to to treat the home. Now they knew I would come in and was ready for me to come but did not follow instructions on organizing and sorting through some of the bedrooms so I would like to let people know that having a dirty unorganized bedroom could possibly give you a treatment that has failed and not lived up to your standards.


Bed bugs are not attracted to disorder dirt or or unorganized home they are attracted to humans which is what they feed on. I repeat just because your home is dirty does not mean that you will attract bed bugs it may attract other bugs but not bed bugs. 


But having a dirty or unorganized home can make it nearly impossible to treat effectively as for me a professional who deals with treating bed bugs on a daily and weekly basis the easier homes are the ones that are more organized simple and the client can tell me exactly where they sleep hang out and eat. These answers are essential when talking to a technician about treating your home for bed bugs.


The reality is more stuff that you have in your room the more places bed bugs can hide so if you have a nightstand next to your bed that’s fine but if you have a nightstand a bug stand a desk and a stack of dirty laundry next to your bed that is just a potential hotel waiting for a bed bug occupancy.


Here are some tips to help you and your pest professional get rid of the bed bugs forever.


Ask yourself is there a lot of clothes hanging around my bed or around my room if so you might want to sort organize and clean them.


In the nightstand next to my bed is there a lot of knick knacks, and random items I don’t need?


In the room I I spend the majority of my time are there clutter around the furniture I sit and sleep in the most.


And closing there might be a lot of companies that won’t want to handle a home that has a lot of items without the customer or client sorting through some of the clutter and items first whether it’s a product-based treatment or a heat treatment it’s hard for either to be effective when either have to travel through tons of stuff to get to the bed bugs to kill.