Bed bugs are well-known insects that feed on human and animal blood and bed bug bites are very common and severe. They can be found in the bed, carpet, furniture, clothing, and other belongings. Mostly bedbugs are active at night as they happen to feed on humans when they are asleep. These insects don’t have wings, so they rely on humans and other animals to carry them from place to place.

Itchy Bed Bug Bites

Although bed bug bites are not always dangerous, they can surely be itchy. It has also been seen that sometimes they can become infected and may cause an allergic reaction. There are different ways of reducing the chances of getting bed bug bites, while the major treatment options include proper hygiene and antihistamines.

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How do bed bug bites look like?

There are no noticeable symptoms developed by the majority of the people when it is about the bed bug bites. When the symptoms appear, the bites seem red and swollen, and there is a dark spot in the center of each bite. Other than that, these are itchy, arranged in clusters or lines, and you will also notice multiple bites being grouped.

The bed bugs can bite any part of your body, but usually, the completely exposed areas of your skin get bitten when you are sleeping, and these include hands, arms, face, and neck. These bites can also develop into fluid-filled blisters in some cases.

How to treat bedbug bites?

In the majority of cases, bed bug bites tend to get better within a week or two. In order to treat the bites, you can apply calamine lotion or anti-itch cream to the bites. Burning and itching can also be reduced by taking an oral antihistamine. There are times when you get swelling and pain, and an over-the-counter pain reliever can be used to get rid of it.

There are cases when bed bug bites are also responsible for causing allergic reactions. You need to consult a doctor if you are developing any symptoms or signs of a serious allergic reaction. Many people have also noticed bed bug bites that may cause an infection known as cellulitis, and if you like to reduce its risk, wash the bites thoroughly with soap and water and never try to scratch them.

Normally you can treat the bites at home if you don’t see signs of a serious reaction or infection. If the bites are causing itching, then applying a corticosteroid cream can be a good option. A weak form of this medicine can be used without any prescription, whereas stronger corticosteroids may require a prescription.

Bottom Line

It can rather be quite unsettling to discover that you have been bitten by a dreaded bedbug overnight. However, it is quite simple to treat a bed bug bites, as you may consult a dermatologist and use some medicines or go for natural remedies that can be quite helpful for reducing and relieving some of your symptoms.

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