Okay so you think you have bed bugs so the first thing you do is freak out ! Second is tell your husband or wife, you share your anxiety and fear about the situation. Alot of emotions may come over you like disappointment in yourself and the fear of the unknown of what else is out of control in your life or in your household?

  As a professional in this industry for many years and dealing with hundreds of people who have dealt with bed bugs, the first thing I would tell you to do is to calm down. 

  Bed bugs are extremely common 1 out of 5 people either deal with bed bugs or know somebody that has. In the area we serviced which is Tulsa, Oklahoma we successfully treat bed bugs everyday.

  Some articles and services will feed on your fear of dealing with bed bugs. As if, no one knows how to get rid of them and you’re the only person that has them. Again bed bugs are common and they have not been known to spread diseases to humans, studies have shown. Another lie that bed bug products have used is how quickly bed bugs reproduce. Now not dealing with the problem properly can definitely leave you with a large infestation. Bed bugs do not reproduce as fast as German roaches has some people or resources will have you think.


So the third thing that goes through people’s minds is usually how did I get them? This is a question you could be thinking of all day and night. I would not worry too much about where you got them, unless you know for sure. You should definitely try to isolate the problem whether it’s a friend staying with you or you’re staying with someone who has them but  other than these situations there’s not really much you can do at this point if you know you have them, So next is to trying to figure out how to get rid of them.


 Sadly bed bugs is a common problem but a lot of people don’t share information and dont talk about them very much because, it comes with a stigma that you’re either dirty, disorganized , poor or just a disorganized person altogether ,this could not be further from the truth. Bed bugs feed and thrive on one thing and that’s humans so as long as you have humans/people in your home regardless if it’s a project housing or a mansion you could potentially have bed bugs.

 Now, the reason that some people deal with bed bugs, and some people dont is  usually depending on who can afford to get rid of them and who cannot.Effective bed bug treatment can be sometimes expensive or out of people’s budget .Some people are dealing with a unique situation like living in an apartment complex where their neighbors have bed bugs and so it’s almost pointless to keep professionally treating them or if you have a landlord that is lazy or doesn’t want a professional doing treatmenting in their home.

 So contracting bed bugs does not depend on how dirty or unorganized you are but it can be a factor and how easy and affordable it is to treat for bed bugs. The more items the more unorganized the home is, the more time it takes to treat effectively. This may cause your treatment price to go up so when getting estimates and talking to professionals let them know your situation, consider to yourself and yourself these questions.

Do I have a lot of clothes everywhere in my home?

Is there more than one bed in each bedroom ?

Do I have an adjustable bed or recliner or couch?

Do I eat in my bedroom alot? 

Do I work from home or in my bedroom a lot?

Do I have a lot of items or collectibles and my bedrooms or near my bed?

Do I not clean on a regular basis in my bedrooms?

  Going to the internet versus calling a professional? So at this point you’re ready to get rid of this problem and back to your normal life a life free of bed bugs. So you probably go to YouTube or Google and search how to get rid of bed bugs and there’s tons of products, services or advice on how to deal with them. Well some of these  treatments or solutions may control the situation. There are a few that actually eliminate the problem altogether. So it is best to call a professional someone that  is experienced with the situation and can walk you through the processes, methods, protocols on how to deal with bed bugs. Or at least get advice that can help you control the situation until you get a professional pest control operator that can treat your bed bugs infestation.


So hopefully after reading this article you feel a little bit better again bed bugs are common and there are tons of professional pest control companies that can help you with this situation if you live in the Tulsa,OK area call Tulsa bed bug specialist for service at 918-892-5254 or visit Tulsabedbugexterminator.com