How to get the most out of your bed bug treatment

Don’t put bed skirts on any beds until 60 days after treatment.

Only put one fitted sheet on each mattress until the infestation is gone.
( this means no mattress protector or mattress pad )

Prepare to leave the treated area for a minimum of 3-4 hours after treatment.

Do not move any furniture around until 60 days after treatment.

Do not use any rubbing alcohol ,fogger ,dust or insecticide of any kind after treatment.

Do not move any bed bug monitors or traps.

Dry clothes and bedding on high heat for minimums of 30 minutes per load.
( this usually means clothes and bedding that the technician has bags up as well as loose clothes around the room and dirty clothes in the laundry )

Do not move items from room to room. This could contaminate the unaffected rooms. (Do not move new occupants or furniture in the home until the complete infestation has been exterminated.)

After the home is treated, occupants must continue to use beds and furniture normally. (This means sleeping in your bed the same night after treatment.)

Violation of any of these instructions may result in a void warranty.