Bed Bugs, Hoarders, Pest Control: Things to know about bed bugs, home remedies, and Bed Bug Pest Control Tulsa.


In the past years, a city on the Arkansas River, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma called Tulsa (known for its art deco architecture) was suffering from hoarders and bed bugs. Particularly, In the OK area of Tulsa, an organization has tackled many homes and situations dealing with bed bugs and hoarders.


What does it mean to be a hoarder?

Hoarder affects mental and physical health negatively.


Firstly, what is hoarding

Hoarding is a severe psychiatric illness in which a person collects and stores an excessive quantity of items. Changed brain connections, genetics, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), environmental conditions, and changed serotonin levels are all factors that can lead to hoarding. It is also a disorder that takes therapy counseling physicians and even medication for the treatment and or therapy for this condition.


A person who happens to be a hoarder affects family relationships and friendships negatively. It being a compulsive mental disorder, is believed to be connected or associated with other illnesses. Social anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression are among them.


Patients with compulsive hoarding disorder are more likely to have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and, to a lesser extent, attention-deficit disorder (ADD). This disorder can run in families as well.


What causes hoarding?


Hoarding can be caused by a variety of factors, according to physicians. These include issues with information processing, beliefs about things, and the emotional anguish that comes with discarding items or belongings. Every object has value to the obsessive hoarder, often an exaggerated value.


They believe, almost religiously, that an old newspaper or a tin of long-expired sardines, for instance, is extremely valued and should be saved. Even a stack of scrawled notes or rusted paperclips could be useful, and there is a vital part of the hoarder’s personality, they have become extensions of the hoarder’s personality and cannot be discarded.

When faced with the potential or need to get rid of these cherished and valued belongings (as indicated or directed by a counselor working in conjunction with a cleanup crew), the compulsive hoarder may experience significant anxiety or worry. 

Due to the obvious stigma associated with their disease, compulsive hoarders may hesitate to let others see their collected junk.


Hoarding behaviors begin early in life and progress into a chronic condition. The majority of research shows that the onset occurs between the ages of 15 and 19. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are critical for better results. 


There is a particular insect called Bed bugs. The insect is so popular in the oil city of Tulsa.

What exactly are bed bugs?

Bed bugs according to Wikipedia, are blood-feeding insects of the genius Climex which are most active at night. Skin rashes, psychological consequences, and allergy reactions are all possible side effects of their bites. Bed bug bites can cause changes in skin ranging from minor redness to large soreness.


Bedbugs are also tough. They can go a year without eating and are experts at climbing into people’s belongings and hanging on for dear life until they locate lovely, warm beds, clothes, or furniture to dwell and breed in.


That’s the reason why they’re always associated with hotel beds: They’re significantly more widespread in areas where a large number of individuals routinely arrive and depart with their goods in tow. Bedbugs are most commonly seen in the following places:


  • Apartments
  • Hotel, hostels, and motels 
  • Shelters 
  • Outside campsites
  • Cruise ships
  • Dorms
  • Public transit, such as buses, trains, taxis, and vehicles.


There is little difference if your motel, home, or other lodging is filthy or spotless. When bedbugs have attached themselves to whatever you’ve been carrying indoors from a certain place where they got into your things, they can have their location anywhere.

They avoid pesticides by simply moving away from sprayed or treated regions and finding new homes nearby.


Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate because they can hide in a variety of locations throughout the home. The best thing is to hire a bed bug exterminator. Removing excess clutter from the homes reduces the number of hiding places for bedbugs, making inspection and removal easier.

Putting an end to bed bugs spreading from one house to another on a daily basis, we ought to find a solution by seeking some top professionals who have knowledge in pest control. Which led us to the advocate in Tulsa.


Where those advocates seek professional pest control operator counsel or employ a professional body like a Tulsa bed bug specialist before attempting to treat a hoarder’s home for bed bugs.


Before entering the home, some pest control companies ask that furniture should be moved away from the walls and mattresses and box springs be stood to an end. Other companies suggest leaving everything in place so that they can perform a check before moving the furniture themselves. Which Tulsa bedbug professionals always say.


Warning: Make sure that you follow all directions on insecticides/pesticides used in the treatment and make sure to use PPE.


To do this operation yourself, you will need some equipment to eradicate these so-called bed bugs. Which are:

  • Wire brush
  • ClimaX dust
  • Mattress protector 
  • Nuvan ProStrips 
  • Trash bag 
  • Bedlam aerosol
  • Vacuum ( would recommend throwing away after use ) 
  • PPE


Before tackling a hoarder’s home make sure that you have direction from the owner of the

home or their caretaker, or seek another appropriate body. This must be done in order to prevent anything further from happening. 


Having the listed equipment already, there are some steps involved to carry out the operation. But, before you do that, bear in mind that: in addition to the steps that will be given in this article, there are certain recommendations that are associated with the process, one of which is the most significant in the Ok region of Tulsa:


So we are going through the steps and processing one after the other, and doing it according to the instruction.

Note: Always keep in mind that dealing with bed bugs necessitates committing to the steps outlined in this article.


Step1: Firstly, you want as much trash out of the house as possible. 

You should ensure that any items that still can give bed bug access into the house again are parked out and are kept far from the house to eradicate the insect finally. That trash might be your unused clothes, books, bags, abandoned shoes, or any other unused item. No matter what they are or how you like seeing them and you are using them anymore, you just throw them out of the house so as to enjoy a life free of bed bugs again. Then let’s move to the 2nd step


Step 2:Throw the unused item away 

Also, throw-away items that you won’t need. After you’ve packed all the trash, all abandoned and unused items are out of the house. There will still be some that can be used again, and others that are no more useful. It is necessary to be dumped or packed into anti trash bags, trash bags allow you to pile up unwanted items into it. Moving to the next step…


Step 3: Clear trash bags

You don’t just pack it anyhow, you need to make use of some equipment. Small items that you have to have bagged up in a clear trash bag should be packed by  following these processes:

First of all, Add a Nuvan ProStrips inside an anti trash bag, and in a knot do not use drawstrings (also follow instructions on the label).


We have tackled many homes and situations dealing with bed bugs In the Ok area of Tulsa, by following these steps mentioned and the No.8 is the most crucial you shouldn’t disregard it as the 9th step is a must-do.


Step 4: Vacuum

Find a portable vacuum that you can throw away at the end of this service. Vacuum up as many

bed bugs and eggs as you can use the wire brush to scrape them off the frame and the

headboard and then vacuum them up.


Step 5: Treat furniture and bed frame with bedlam

To treat your furniture and bed frame, make sure you follow the directions on the pesticides for applying the product to furniture bed frames, or the structure itself. So as to avoid bed bugs hiding and killing them, because if the pesticides are not used as instructed, the bed bugs might not leave the house.


For instance, the instruction says you should use a certain amount of the pesticide, like 50 ml per liter of water and if you used below the instructed measurement like 50 ml per liter downward it will not work as you want and if you use above 50ml it has an effect it is like taking an overdose.


P.S. If you used more than 50 ml in 3 days is the maximum time for it to work, then you have to go again to the instruction due to excess usage which will be increased based on the amount you used


Step 6: Apply mattress protector on all beds slept on

To avoid the bed bug and the chemical spray on the bed touching our body we make use of what is called a mattress protector.

According to the Wikipedia dictionary, a mattress protector (also known as a mattress cover, mattress pad, or a mattress topper), is an item of removable bedding that sits on top of, or encases, a mattress to protect it. Or provide protection to the person sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and dead skin (like dandruff).


By using the protector, you have saved yourself from being affected by the pesticide used which might still have a little trace on the bed.


Step 7:This next step is really just to wait and see

Since you’ve used the pesticide and used it as instructed, then we are waiting for the results. And there is what we called to wait and see in the advertisements world. This implies that the pesticide has completed its task as we’ve been missing the home. We need to be sleeping back in the house.

P.S. Make sure you sleep in the house as normal so that this will determine how quickly the bed bug infestation is being eliminated.


Step 8: Apply ClimaX Dust In voids and around furniture and items in the home

ClimaX dust is applied after you have used the pesticide, it is done by spreading the ClimaX to any space in the house and all edges and any breathing space where bed bugs can be found in your furniture. Make sure you do this once you have entered the house and also, read and follow the instructions on the Insecticide label. 


Step 9: After 93 weeks, you have made use of ClimaX Dust.

93 weeks have passed since you have used ClimaX dust, and you need to re-applied it, which is done by spreading it around the furniture and any other items in the house that bed bugs can still hide in.


Step 10: After treatment is applied leave the home 

The amount of time required on the pesticide label is the actual time you vacate the treated house, to avoid being affected by the pesticide. Staying in the house after applying the pesticide inside the house has many harmful effects on you like dizziness, cough, and breathing problems and the most vital effect is that it can lead to death if care is not taken or damage to some inner organs like the liver, and kidney.


Repeat steps 7-10 until bed bugs are completely exterminated.

P.S. This process may take up to 30 -120 days as results and time frames may vary


If after you have followed this process and do it accordingly, and the problem still remains, that is there are still traces of bed bugs in your home, consult a bed bug exterminator for consultation.