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  We all hate annoying roommates. Especially roommate that doesn’t wash their own dishes or doesn’t clean up after themselves and especially the ones that don’t pay rent. So with that being said bed bugs would probably be the most hated roommates of all. We’re all somewhat familiar with these biting pests and actually in America one out of every five 

 People have dealt with bed bugs or know somebody that has. Well, one thing you probably didn’t know is that there is more than one kind of bed bug. Now all of these bed bugs have the same function, sucking blood hiding, and reproducing.

  But some of these bed bugs you can find in different areas of the country or even different areas in your home. The different names of these guys are The common bed bug, the tropical bed bug, and the bat bug.  Now when it comes to these three different types of bed bugs their shape, color and size are very similar, and you would need a magnifying glass to really tell the difference. The tropical bed bug has a smaller head but that would be the only difference you could see with your naked eye. The difference comes when we look at their feeding habits, location, and treatment recommendations. So here’s a quick run rundown of these blood-sucking vampires.

  The common bed bug-This is the bed bug you probably hear the most about and the most studied and researched. You can find plenty of information and videos on their habits, behavior, and biology. The common bed bug, like its name, is common to most of the world due to affordable travel and the world economy. Common bed bugs prefer human blood but in desperate cases, they will feed on pets. You could usually find them close to human furniture and clothes. They travel from home to home by hitching a ride on clothes and in luggage.

There are many treatment recommendations such as heat treatment, product application, and even a freezing method that has been developed.

We found that product application is the most affordable and the most effective when it comes to eliminating the common bed bug.

  As for tropical bed bugs, these guys like to feed on humans and poultry. Tropical bed bugs have been a large problem in poultry manufacturing plants across many countries. These guys are better climbers on smoother surfaces versus common bed bugs But more averse to light. Tropical bed bugs are less likely to feed during the day compared to common bed bugs. Tropical bed bugs are more comfortable in the heat and can be commonly found in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. Product application is the best effective process for killing these pests.

  And rounding third is the bat bug. These guys are commonly mixed up with bed bugs. As professionals we even sometimes get them mixed up. But there are a  few clues to figure out which is which. As the name suggests bat bugs only feed on bats so their main harvesting areas are in-house attics and bat houses. Some signs of bed bugs in your house could be from bats thus these would be more than likely bat bugs. Bat bugs would more than likely feed on humans if they had to but the infestation would have to get larger enough that the bugs would work their way down to human dwelling areas. If the population got this big more than likely you would notice the bats before noticing the bugs. A treatment recommendation for bat bugs would be first removing the bats from your attic or area. Then a product application would be best used, seeing that bed bugs could hide around and inside ceiling insulation . This could shield them from the heat and cause them to survive the heat treatments.

  So there you have it, a new fun fact that you can tell your friends. For Any questions about any of these bugs or even treatment service, call Tulsa bed bug specialist or visit our website at Tulsa bed bugs

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