So as a pest control professional who does bed bug inspections and service on a weekly basis I think this article is needed. Bed bug phobia is not a real thing but entomophobia which is the fear of insects. So every week I get a call saying I think a got bed bugs and even so offer I get a customer that calls me in fear of potentially getting bed bugs or getting bitten. Now fear is sometimes that can be good but Also it makes you worry, overthink, and overreacted. Now if u have bed bugs u have then let’s talk about treatment options but if you don’t here are some things to think about why do you think u have them? Is it out of fear or evidence? Here are some before you freak out. I would like to always make decisions on facts not thoughts this is probably a good phrase we should all live by.

have u had them in the past this may be the top reason why you think you have bed bugs and if you use a professional exterminator to eliminate a bed bug Infestation in your home you are probably ok. you’re probably just Paranoid so if you see any more signs and their no more bites and it’s been weeks or months don’t worry about it. Now if you start seeing signs again or getting bit again it might be time to call the past pest control company and relay your concerns and ask for suggestions on the cause. does someone you know have them?

So if you know someone with bed bugs avoid them like the plague keep your distance and if u go to their home don’t sit on their furniture and don’t borrow any clothes or bedding and u should be ok. Now if your neighbor or the unit next to you has bed bugs don’t get worried yet the infestation usually has to be really bad for any bed bugs to come into your unit well this does happen it’s usually rare.

Did u hear a scary report on the news or read a disturbing article .this will keep your antenna up maybe the report talked about your bed bug Infestation at a school or movie theater so u quickly go check your bed and your children’s beds and u find in this case stopping. remember having bed bugs is a horrible thing but the news will add some extra fear and drama to the situation so if you haven’t been to places where their reporting on Frant not.

In conclusion, anybody can get bed bugs but not everybody does if you see no signs of bed bugs play blood stains or feces stains and if you haven’t got a bite you probably don’t have bed bugs but if you want to be sure call a pest control professional to do an inspection. a great Tulsa pest control company to call this is Tulsa bed bug specialist.

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