Attention: doctor, nurses, caregiver and nurses aids : 

So at the beginning of this year we know the medical community has been faced with a challenging dilemma. Dealing with covid-19 and taking care of people who potentially have  it 

and trying to and try not to catch it themselves.

We can firmly say that we appreciate all the people that care of us. we might have taken them for granted in the past but this pandemic has issued a new sense of appreciation for the people that take care of us when we’re sick, when we’re need physical therapy and and when we need someone to take care of us.

But before this deadly virus, care workers have been dealing with another potential danger in their workplaces, bed bugs.

Bed bugs have always been a problem in medical facilities and areas where people come and go frequently. working with different clients employees and clients the possibility of bed bugs or spreading to your personal home. 

So not to forget the caution that you have to take with covid-19 it is not a time to relax on the procedures and advice given to not spread bed bugs from one person to the next.

Here’s some advice and tips to help prevent the  spreading bed bugs and prevent  them from reaching your home.

Keep a flashlight in mirror.

Keeping a flashlight and a mirror with you or wear you keep personal belongings will help you inspect patience beds or even your clothes if you need to look for some creepy crawlies around your workplace.

Inspect yourself.

After every shift it’s wise to check your own clothes. Look  inside your pockets check your shoes  to make sure that you don’t bring home any bed bugs. 

Inspect your car. 

After inspecting yourself it’s probably a good idea to inspect your car for potential bed bugs look at the seams of the seats and check around the seats  this is usually where they would like to hang out.

Throw your clothes in the dryer. 

When getting home it’s wise to dispose of your clothes in a separate sealed hamper or in the garage. immediately change clothes and put your used clothes in the dryer to kill any potentially bed bugs, if your not gonna washed them that fine but away dried right away or place in a sealed container, so they can’t crawl out and find a host near by.  we recommend drying your clothes on high heat for at least 30 minutes a load you don’t necessarily have to wash and dry them but definitely need to dry them. 

Keep a spare of clothes with you.

As a technician who has done countless bed bug treatment it was always a good idea for us to keep an extra spare of clothes just in case . This extra spare of clothes will help if you find a bedbug on you or  near you or just get that creepy feeling and would feel more comfortable with just changing your clothes. Seal the used clothes in a airtight trash bag.

Keep your shoes outside.

So as a technician dealing with bed bug and roaches who knows what else on a daily basis it was always wise and best practices  to keep my shoes in my garage thus no crawly creatures can work their in to my home.  we would suggest leave your shoes outside or in the garage after very shift . Now the potential for leaving them outside is that a pest from outside could potentially find their way  into the into your shoes but an easy fix always checks your shoes when you put them back on the next day.

Communicate with coworkers and supervisors.

So communicating with the supervisors and coworkers at your job is definitely the first step to preventing bedbugs. Having a procedure in place to communicate what you do  where to look  and who to report to and be best way to prevent them from spreading  and see prevent them from  possibly coming home to you . Check our website at On where to start.