When you think of a pandemic you probably don’t think of bed bugs. You’re probably thinking of diseases or just like the pandemic We are emerging from now. Well, there is a pandemic that nobody’s talking about, bed bugs. They’ve been a problem for a while and now that world commerce and travel have become cheaper Bed bugs are becoming more of a problem. There are studies that are always being done to help combat these blood-sucking menaces So here is some new information even some revised information about bed bugs.


So the bed bug emerging from the egg is to find a food source, in the past studies have shown on average bed bugs of all stages would only travel about 6 to 10 ft for a blood meal. new studies have shown that they are now willing to travel between 10ft – 15 ft for a blood meal. So now if your roommate has bed bugs, you might not be as immune to them as much as you thought.

Bat bat 

Bed bugs are pretty uncommon, We encounter bed bugs most of the time. But new studies have shown that bat bugs don’t just suck the blood of bats they have now been found on rodents and birds. So, when it comes to batting bugs whatever is closest could be possibly a victim.


When it comes to the tools and equipment for exterminating bed bugs, they’re always changing and improving. Unfortunately, there are some products and methods that cannot be improved for example lures and traps.  bed bugs is not scavenger pest. Meaning that they don’t constantly look for food sources, once they find a meal they stick to that person. So Baits and traps are pretty useless and get mixed results. The biggest problem is they don’t last long enough to lure the bedbug to the trap.

New hiding place

So inspections are a crucial component to eliminating bed bugs forever. Knowing where to look for bed bugs could be the reason you may need one treatment or many. so experience matters when it comes to treating bed bugs. So this is experience speaking A few new common places have been added to our list to check and here they are.

Curtain rods

If your bed is pushed up to a window and it curtain is touching your bed, this is a possible place bed bugs could crawl on. So check behind your curtains and inside the rod insert.

Check on the wallpaper

So many homes nowadays don’t have wallpaper but some hotels still do so if there is any wallpaper that’s not attached or has gaps in it shut inside and around them, creepy crawlies can be hiding.

Check inside vacuum

Many companies’ prep instructions could involve vacuuming before and after the treatments to get any eggs or dead bed bugs. Check your vacuum by looking inside the canister or inside the bag to make sure your leftover bugs are hanging out it would also be a good idea to leave your vacuum in the garage or outside for a couple of weeks just in case.

Sensitive bug bites

Studies have shown that 70% of adults over 65 do not feel bites or notice marks until well in the middle of the infestation stages of a bed bug. These studies are not absolute and some reasoning behind this could possibly be the older adults losing sensitivity in their skin, Or possibly bad eyesight.

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