Over the past decades, bed bugs have become a serious nuisance for homes and businesses. It can be found even in a million-dollar home or a five-star hotel. As it can travel in hiding places like folding clothes and suitcases, it can enter your home or office anytime. These pests feed on the blood of people and animals and can hide in cracks and crevices.

Just like in many parts of the United States, bed bugs are a problem in the city of Broken Arrow. There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs, including using pesticides, mattress encasements, and foggers. Out of these methods, bed bug K9 is another way in which a dog sniffs out the bed bugs, but the canines have not been that effective in finding the bed bugs; therefore, it is better to go for the alternatives. Companies like Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist detect bed bugs and use the best methods to remove them from your home permanently.

What is a Bed Bug K9?

It is the latest advancement in searching for and then killing bed bugs. The dog detects the bed bug through its scent and is sent by the exterminators to look for the infestations. Although the majority of sniffer dog owner companies claim that their pets give a 100% detection rate, it is always important to do your research.

Some people think that the bed bug K9 frequently fails to spot the bed bugs and even gives up a false positive. It can even make a mistake in finding out the old infestations for a new one, which is why many people have doubts about the canines doing their job correctly.

Can a Dog Detect a Bed Bug?

They Cannot Always be Accurate

One of the major reasons for wrong bed bug detections is previous infestations. Mostly there are old signs of bed bugs like dead ones, feces, or old shells. This can confuse the bed bug K9, and it may start to think that there is a present infestation. It can help to find out the real-world abilities of the dogs.

They can Give a False Positive

It is a fact that a bed bug sniffer dog can give a false positive. The detection rate of some dogs can be a little high, while others can be very low, which clearly shows that the dogs can fail. They even go for the dead bed bugs that pesticides have killed, and this gives a terrible false positive rate.

They can be Quite Expensive

Nothing can be cheap when you plan to get rid of bed bugs, but bed bug K9 can be very expensive. When hiring a sniffing dog, you need to consider the wages of the handlers, the training and upkeep of the dog, as well as many other expenses. It will surely make you think that you are being overcharged.

The Majority of Exterminators Don’t Use Them

Normally the bed bug K9 is handled by regular people and not the exterminator. The owner is a dog trainer who considers sniffing as a valuable sideline. Normally the exterminator doesn’t go for the dogs and uses alternate methods. So, there is a chance that an exterminator can work with a sniffer dog, but many people don’t consider it a reliable way.

Protect Your Home and Business with Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist

In order to make your home free of bed bugs, Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist offers some of the best services in the city of Broken Arrow to exterminate the dreaded bugs. We have licensed pest management professionals who focus on offering some of the most effective and eco-friendly solutions for getting rid of the bed bugs in your home and business.

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