5 misconceptions about Bed Bugs

Here are some misleading facts and information we found online about bed bugs. Always consult a professional before doing anything. If you need  service or an inspection in the Tulsa area call Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist at 918-892-5254  

Can the cold kill bed bugs?

.Some experts believe that cold will kill bed bugs. And there is equipment to freeze bed bugs but its usually sensitive environments like medical facilities. and because of  this the equipment can be kinda expensive and it’s not  really feasible to buy this equipment to do your own home. we have seen clients of ours put items outside in the cold to freeze out the bed bugs only to be reintroduced a few weeks later.

Moving will fix the problem

.The thing people usually do is to move to a new or different room, one free of bugs. We have even heard of customers moving houses, the problem is that bed bugs can and will travel on clothes in bedding and inside boxes and furniture, etc.

Throwing away furnitures

 Throwing away your bed will get rid of the bed bugs. So after doing many treatments, the first thing clients tell us is that we throw our bed away, while this may work some of the time and it may get rid of the bulk of the bugs this will not get rid of all of them.This goes for other furniture. Bed bugs can live under carpet, behind walls, and in clothes.

Rubbing Alcohol

Use Rubbing alcohol to eliminate bed bugs. So, many people have read on the internet that rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs. well, to be honest, this is kinda true but their a lot of things and solutions that can kill bed bugs. make sure not to misuse alcohol against its known use, for safety reasons. rubbing alcohol is extremely flammable and can create skin problems and exposure for long period time, can create breathing problems.  alcohol has no residual element in it like insecticides do , this means that its only a contact kill, unlike insecticides that can kill future bed bugs that can hatch later.

Use a hairdryer or heat gun

 .We all know that heat is a good tool for Bed bugs but this can be really dangerous. Heating bed bugs with a heating gun or hairdryer can unintentionally heat flammable items or solutions or even melt and damage, items. Also using a blow dryer to kill bed bugs you can only kill the bugs you can see and it’s the ones you can’t see that you have to worry about.