So every now and again we get a call in where a customer says he seen more bed bugs after our treatment. We have to look at the behavior of bed bugs. Bed bugs love to hide most of their lives. So if they come out it’s probably for a good reason.
So the answer could be yes or no you could be seeing more bed bugs but here are a few reasons why that’s usually not a bad thing.

More aware

One obvious reasons why you would see more bed bugs after the treatment is that you’re looking for them. Most treatments and most customers that we get are ready to get rid of them as soon as they find them. So if the client discovers bed bugs today and they schedule a treatment 3 days from now, more than likely on those days they probably looking for them before they go to bed and after they wake up . You never thought to look in your bed until you got them. So not knowing it , your brain is training you to look for them to make sure that they’re gone completely. So You don’t have more bed bugs ,You’re just seeing more.

Flush out the bedbugs from hiding spots.

So bed bugs hide most of their life. They only come out usually to feed or to find a mate. This is One reason why bed bugs are so difficult to eliminate. At Tulsa bed bugs specialist we’ve developed a special process that helps flushes bed bugs out. This process flushes bed bugs out to the surface or run out of their hiding spots. So whatever product is to use on them they may not immediately notice but they will die . Now that a lot of bed bugs are flushed out of these cracks and crevices they feel that it’s not safe to be in that area again so you may see some of them crawling to different areas or moving back and forth trying to find a safe non-toxic area.

Different hiding spots

So after the treatment with vibration movement different lighting the bed bugs maybe a little freaked out. Moving furniture around flipping up mattresses can definitely make the bed bugs feel that they’re not safe .so this will cause them to find a more stable quiet and dark place after the treatment this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re surviving it just means that they’re not dead yet but as they’re slowly being poisoned they could find themselves trying to find a new hiding spot so it’s not uncommon to find all the bed bugs on the bed after the treatment, now that same bed bug is in the nightstand or a dresser. Because the bed bug feels threatened it wants to find a different hiding spot.

Traps and lures

In some situations like vacant apartments or hotels we have lures and traps that we use. These lures help lower bed bugs out of their hiding spots. Of course bed bugs only come out to mate and eat these lures mimic a human host not realizing that it’s only a trap. These traps and lures are used in areas or bedrooms that haven’t been used in a while. Bed bugs can hunker down and survive months after birth without feeding so this lure and traps helps and motivates them to find a blood host or blood meal not realizing that they’re just falling for a trap. Tulsa bed bugs specialist we have developed a special trap that mimics heat ,H2O and carbon dioxide which mimics a host. This could possibly be one reason why you went from zero to noticing a few bed bugs. It’s not because the product or the treatment brought brought them out, it’s because they’re starving and they think a blood meal is available.

Time delay

So one statement that we tell our customers is that sometimes, when you notice a bed bug moving around after a treatment it’s dying it’s just not completely dead. Some of the products that we use are slow acting .This helps the bed bugs to spread the product around to their friends and neighbors causing multi bed bugs to die all at once.

In conclusion remember just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re not dying.

a lot of companies will advertise that we can eliminate your bed bug infestation in one day. This is somewhat false. They can treat the area in one day but if eggs or bed bugs were hiding where heat cannot penetrate it’s possible they’re still alive and will come out a few days after the treatment. They’re waiting till their environment becomes more comfortable and they feel that it’s safe to feed again.
So call the best
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