To get started Hello so Sand Springs is a great place to live located a few miles west of Tulsa. the city itself has been flourishing and growing but is only about 22 miles long the population is under about 20000. here are just some of the few other attractions that we would recommend in the area.  if you ever need Pest Control near you in the Sand Springs area give path Tulsa bed bug specialist.

Sand Springs Cultural & Historical Museum 

 The Sand Springs Cultural and Historical Museum is located at 9 E Broadway sand springs, ok 74063. With exhibits such as an art gallery a traveling exhibit any children’s area, this is a great place for a family to spend the day. The building itself was built in 1929 by Charles Page himself it was registered as a National Historic place and 1999. Check their hours on their website days open and fees to get in. In 1930 Charles Page Memorial Library was built in honor of Charles Payne’s wife, Lucile.

Landmark Tabernacle 

Landmark Tabernacle is located at 4700 S Highway 97, Sand Springs, OK, United States, Oklahoma, and the Heart Of Sand Springs is a great place to take a family Sunday morning. Established in 1982 this Pentecostal traditional Church has been serving people, baptizing and meeting their members’ needs with the Holy Spirit for years now. Tulsa bed bug exterminator has been serving clients in this area for years so if you need any pest control services from the best exterminator and the Sand Spring area give us a call. Services start Sunday morning at 10 a.m. and Wednesday services start at 6:30 p.m. 

Sand Spring High School

Sand Springs High School, with a population of around 1,600 students from 9th to 12th grade Is a school for excellence. located at 500 N. Adams Road and Springs, OK 74063. Sand Springs has many extracurricular activities for its high school students such as the Native American Students Association Business Professionals of America and Future Farmers of America just to name a few. Their football team is top-notch and goes by the nickname the Sandites. With winning records back in the sixties and seventies this team is Bound for a comeback pretty soon. Charles Page high school was built in 1959. Any student would be proud to call Charles Page their home. also with bed bugs on the rise remember that they can infiltrate any location that’s public retirement communities libraries and even high schools so the best company near Sand Springs call us at 918-892-5254 

The canyons at Blackjack Ridge 

If you are an avid golfer like me you may want to try out Canon at Blackjack Ridge located at 1801 N McKinley Ave Rd, Sand Springs, OK 74063 With 9 or 18 holes to choose from you will be amazed and have plenty of fun this course and check the website for specials in 2023. check out the website for daily tips and you can even request lessons at this course. This course is so beautiful it’s even been mentioned in several golfing Publications. as a pest control company in the Sand Springs area we do more than just deal with pesty, we also deal with weeds and maintaining yards such as golf courses so whether bed bugs Pest Control weed control give Tulsa bed bug specialist a call.

Little Venice

Whether you’re in the Tulsa or Sand Springs area food is definitely one saying this area is known for end with restaurants such as little Venice, its no wonder why. little Venice location 208 N Main St, Sand Springs, OK 74063. With five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, there’s no wondering why this restaurant is so good located in the heart of Sand Springs this is one of the restaurants that is set apart from the rest. With large families or event gatherings this restaurant can comfortably handle both with Italian-inspired decor you will definitely be transformed into Italy itself. Whether you are a Michelin five-star restaurant or hey Mom and Pop shop in the heart of your town Pest Control is crucial to stay in compliance with city ordinances. and with Tulsa bed bug specialists serving around the area, you have no problem with the past.