It is a fact that when you have bed bugs at home, then it is pretty likely that you may have bites. These bites usually cause itchy welts and tend to appear in a zigzag pattern. We seldom see bed bugs, but there are a number of people out there who mistake bed bug bites for their skin condition, while there is also a possibility that skin irritants like fabric softeners are responsible for the problem.

As most of us are busy with our lives, so we don’t have any clue about the things lying around our homes. Although it is not harmful to go for the bed bug expect, one should also be aware of the irritants that may resemble the bed bug bites. If you think that you have bed bugs at home, you have a great choice in the Tulsa area, but calling for the best is always a wise idea. Therefore, Tulsa Bed Bugs Service Company is known to be offering the best services to get rid of bed bugs.

What are the Reasons for Irritant Dermatitis?

Some people know that their laundry detergent gives them a smell like the spring rain or morning dew, but they may not know that it is made up of severe chemicals. The preservatives, fragrances, and dyes in the fabric softener can cause rashes in children and adults.

Because of the harsh chemicals of the fabric softener, one may get a condition known as contact dermatitis. It is usually a red and itchy rash that is contained in specific areas. Allergies to such detergents happen when you are exposed to the detergents.

What are the Symptoms of the Fabric Softener Causing Allergy?

When you are sensitive or allergic to something in your laundry detergent, there is a possibility that you will have symptoms like a bed bug bite. These include:

  • Red rashes

  • Blisters

  • Bumps

  • Tender skin

  • Swelling

  • Mild or severe itching

Usually, this type of dermatitis occurs in specific areas of the body that come in contact with the irritants. When these symptoms tend to spread wide, it is better to consider the fabric softener as a possible cause as the body contacts the linen and washed clothing so that the symptoms might appear anywhere. Those who have bed bug infestations become sure that they have the symptoms because of the bed bug bites, which can be completely wrong.

It is Always Nice to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Tulsa Bed Bugs Service Company

If you know that you have bed bugs in the house and itching and bite marks, it is always a better idea to see the other side of the picture. The main reason could be the fabric softener. Although it is okay to look at the bed bug expect, looking at all the aspects is wise. In order to get rid of these pests in your home, you can count on Tulsa Bed Bugs Service Company, which uses the best practices and certified pesticides so that you can have immediate relief from the bed bugs. Tulsa also gives you a 100% guarantee of bed bug elimination.

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