Let’s jump right in. As a pest control professional, inspections are essential when dealing with bedbugs. This can help you determine how bad the infestation is and what rooms and areas you can find them in. Lack of inspection could be the cause of a failed treatment.

  Another reason that bed bug treatments can fail is companies will rely solely on heat to kill bedbugs. It’s best to use more than one process to kill bed bugs.

  Bed Bug treatments should be a detailed service. This means treating and looking inside beds, behind curtains, and even inside couches. putting a big heater in a room, and waiting till it gets 140° is not gonna kill the bugs that are hiding, but it’s gets the ones out in the open.

  Timeframe is another factor. if you’re a week out from getting treatment and still getting bit, That’s not unusual. Some treatment needs to work. In some cases, it could possibly take up to 21-30 days to get complete the eradication of the bedbug infestation.

  In conclusion, remember that bedbugs hide 99% of their life. We recommend multiple treatments or methods. Heat can be a great tool but it doesn’t penetrate inside furniture and wall voids, so a secondary process or method should be added when treated for bedbugs.

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