As a pest control professional we do bed bug inspections daily or even weekly. So we have a lot of experience when it comes to the variety of bed bug traps on the market. Customers have usually tried do it yourself techniques from the internet first. Then what’s the problem cannot be handled they call us out for a recommendation for treatment and also to confirm yay or nay on having bed bugs. I would say in years of seeing all kinds of bed bug traps I rarely find a bed bug in a trap with a positive infested home.

Bed Bug Traps

Bugs will be hanging out in certain spots around the traps around the mattress around the bed but usually never inside traps. I can’t say with the hundreds of traps I’ve seen I can’t think of even five times I’ve caught bugs in a trap. And usually when I see bugs inside a trap it’s usually an extremely bad infestation. Meaning that the infestation is so bad that the bugs mistakenly made it inside the trap was forced into the trap by other bugs or was trying to get away to defecate the blood meal and accidentally found himself in a trap.


Now, some of these traps can even be considered monitors or even the manufacturer of some  called them bed bug monitors but it’s usually the same thing. They help monitor if you have bugs but usually we find other pests in there, like crickets, earwigs or cockroaches of any kind. So don’t be fooled whether label traps or monitors they’re both the same thing.


Some traps lack appeal to bed bugs as they don’t offer a reason for the bugs to enter. Bed bugs typically find a secure hiding spot when introduced to a new location. Customers often buy traps after suspecting bugs, but these traps are ineffective as they don’t entice bugs already in secure spots. A more efficient trap would mimic the attractants of heat and CO2, which are appealing to bugs as they simulate a blood meal.

Bed Bug Detectors

 So remember , whether it’s a bed bug detector, bug trap or monitor they are all the same thing.

Homemade Trap

 There are some traps online specifically on YouTube that provide ideas for homemade traps. Some of these traps can be effective such as traps that mimic heat like using a heating pad or some sort of heating element to simulate body heat. And other traps like using dry ice or yeast. Be aware, try these traps at your own risk.

Here at Tulsa bed bug specialist we provide inspections and treatments for bugs but, in some cases we do need a lure to encourage them to come out of hiding spots for a better treatment or for vacant properties. Bugs can lay dormant ,so if there are no food sources for the bed bugs to sense there’s no reasons for the bug to come out of a secure hiding spot; these lures can be affected.  We have developed a custom lure that we provide for customers and situations that are needed.

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In conclusion, bug traps can be a valuable tool in detecting and monitoring bug infestations. While they may not eliminate bugs on their own, they can provide valuable information about the extent of an infestation and help guide treatment efforts. By understanding how bug traps work and using them correctly, you can effectively manage bed bug infestations and protect your home from these persistent pests.

So I can conclude buying a trap or monitor without a effective lure is worthless. Thank you for reading this article if you need any more advice or treatment give Tulsa bed bugs specialist a call at 918-892-5254