A not worth the risk heat treatment may not work and it may burn your house down by not following instructions. A cost the pest control company has to get back.

So heat treatment vs chemical treatment many companies will sell you on the one bed bug treatment process that works best for them. This article will shed some light on both process and what’s right for you and your situation.

A lot of companies that offer heat treatment have lots of time and money tight up in equipment so to recuperate their investment they will throw out a all in one solution promising you peace of mind, and many times this comes with a large price tag.

Here’s a breakdown of heat treatment. First usually an estimate and instructions list is given on what to remove from the house and how much time to stay out of the area before re entering. On the day of treatment they will heat up your house with propane or electrical heater to 120°-140 ° this will take a few hours to the whole day to accomplish. Technical will check temperature in home or area and check equipment periodically throughout the process.

So next is bed bug chemical application or bed bug product application. First a pest control operator gives preparation instructions and safety instructions before treatment. Next the treatment usually starts with the technicians breaking down the beds and furniture to treat inside them. Also, they treat around the perimeter of the rooms maybe sometimes even treating inside wall voids, cracks and crevices.

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