* The cost

heat treatment come with heavy large experience equipment.

So this mean it come with heavy price tag.

*If the customer miss removing flammable items your home catching on fire

*If the treatment is not done correctly the company maybe have to come back out.

So I hear this a lot when it comes to even successful heat treatment jobs items melting .

Damaging Electronics. I’ve actually hurt cases were computers and TVs would not turn on after the heat treatment was performed



Bed bug Product application



Cheap than heat treatment. So usually when it comes to bed bug product application the most accurate pain for it is the individuals so you’re not having to pay for equipment and labor.

More of a thorough service.usually your dealing with experience technical so They know what to treat and where to treat for bed bug.

Follow-up treatments and inspections. So follow-up treatments and inspections are a must when it comes to doing product application so this is always usually presented with the agreement on the service

Residual element that kills long-term. so product application usually has a residual element that kills bed bugs long term meaning that if you haven’t figured out where your bed bug problem is coming from it might be good to have something left behind to kill bed bug, if any more come to the area or home.



The re entry time. So usually there’s a time frame where you can’t enter the area or the home after the treatment so this may take longer than using a heat treatment.

So for the money it seems that going with product application is the best for the money and offers the best service but with any company or service you always want to talk with the company providing service and a soft questions you might have first service in the Tulsa Oklahoma area we recommend a company called Tulsa bed bug specialist. Call or text now at nine one 918-892-5254
How To Protect Your Mattresses, Box Springs And Pillows From Bed Bugs

The best way to protect your box springs, mattresses and pillows from bed bugs is with encasement. These products are designed out of vinyl material and fit completely over the bedding. The encasement is equipped with a durable zipper, so it you can seal it completely off from bed bugs.


Chemical Sprays

chemical sprays aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. Bedbugs have developed a more protective shield allowing them to survive several treatments. In order to effectively eliminate bedbugs with chemical sprays, the professional exterminator will need to spray the home several times. At the same time, it is vital to understand that chemical sprays can be dangerous to your health. They may harm you, your family members and your pets. Therefore, you’ll need to remain outside of the home for a lengthy period of time.It is best to avoid sprays unless they’re your only option.



You can choose freezing or cryonite. Cryonite can kill the bugs and eggs with direct contact. This chemical-free solution is really safe for everyone involved. Freezing is not going to penetrate the materials in your home and there will be residual effects. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your property being damaged. The only downside is that cryonite is very similar to steam. To be effective, both have to make direct contact with the pest. Having a professional carry out the treatment can make a difference.



Steam is another chemical-free solution for killing bedbugs and their eggs. Steam works great, but it does have a few minor flaws. First and foremost, you have to worry about the moisture left behind. If the moisture is not handled properly, there is a chance that it is going to ruin some of your belongings. Also, the steam has to make direct contact with the bug and the egg. Therefore, its effectiveness can be questionable. Still, steam will prove to be safer than chemicals.

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