Bed Bug Heat Treatment -vs- Product (chemical) Application

So we get a lot of customers that ask us why don’t we use heat treatment. Here we will talk about a few reasons why we prefer product-based treatment.  Also, we will clear up some common myths about heat treatment.


Myth:  Pesticides are harmful and are considered poisonous for humans as well animals.

Fact:   Many insecticides and pesticides have been made safer over the years and decades and when applied by a licensed applicator, can be safe for kids, the elderly and  pets to be around. 


Myth: Heat treatment is natural.

Fact:  Heat treatment uses natural gas. Natural gas comes with a lot of chemical additives.  These chemicals are added during the process of extracting  and developing the gas.  This gas is definitely harmful to nature, and in the long run, potentially harmful for your home. 


Myth:  Heat treatments are safer than insecticides.

Fact:   If you remove the possibilities of your house catching on fire or melting your electronics (which we have seen with our own eyes) in addition to causing damage to your home or business structure. 


Myth:  Heat treatment takes only one visit when pesticide treatments take several. 

Fact:   While pesticide applications do take more than one application, usually heat treatments require follow-ups. Most companies use a residual pesticide after they conduct the heat treatment so that they don’t have to do back or just in case the heat treatment is not effective. 


Myth:  Heat treatment is less expensive.

Fact:   Heat treatment requires very expensive equipment to be used over multiple days. Because of this it usually comes with a large price tag. 


Myth:  Insecticide treatment doesn’t kill all stages of bed bugs. 

Fact:  Of course our insecticide kills at all life stages of the bed bug.  Over the past 25 years the bed bug epidemic has become worse. Manufacturers have done their best to make solutions and insecticides more effective on killing bed bugs of all life cycle stages. 


Myth:  Heat treatment is more effective.

Fact:   So remember when your being sold on the bed bug heat treatment? Think of the cost and ask yourself why it is so much? A potential reason is that because the heat-treatment equipment used in the exterminator industry business is very expensive.  Since the equipment can cost upwards of $30,000, the pest control firms may pass that cost on to their customers.


Myth:  Heat treatment is a good solution because it kills bed bugs more effectively.