Bed bug infestation have become an epidemic in America. In fact, Pest world .org has reported that 1 out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has.

  So you now know that these blood-sucking parasites have made their way into your home.  The question is, how to get rid of them? So you Rush to Google to find out more information. After looking, and finding company after company telling you, We can do it faster and cheaper, You’ve come to the conclusion that heat treatments are the best option. When calling around for a pest control company to eliminate your bed bug infestation, here are a few things to consider, and some caveats that the appointment setter might not tell you.

  Preparation. When preparing before a bed bug heat treatment, there are tons of preparation instructions, like unplugging all the electronics and removing all kinds of items from your home that could possibly melt or even explode. Also, you’re probably thinking to yourself, it sure would be upsetting if My, favorite shoe collection melted, as well as what else could melt? So this list of instructions can take you a lot of time and energy, and then a question pops into your head, what am I paying these guys for?

  Liability. So the appointment is scheduled, and the technicians are on their way. So before an inspection or even equipment is pulled out, they plop down a fine-printed contract in front of you. This contract usually consists of, if you don’t follow all our instructions to the letter, We are not liable for anything. This means if you forgot to remove your classic record collection or unplug your delicate gaming computer, The damage could be on you. Remember these temperatures can get up to 140°, which is plenty high to damage many items.

  Failure rate. When it comes to treatment options there are many to choose from. The best option would be depending on the situation. But to say heat treatments are the best would be a lie. The best treatment comes when multiple methods are being used. So when calling around for companies make sure to ask What kind of method they’re using? And Make sure they’re using multiple techniques and methods to eliminate your pest problem.

  The Cost. So when considering bed bug heat treatments another fun fact is that heat treatments are the most profitable. There are some misconceptions about this, one being that because people think it’s the most expensive, it should be the most effective. With heat treatment comes heating equipment and with heating equipment comes higher costs. These heating systems can cost anywhere from 10,000-20,000 dollars. And this cost is passed on to the customer. 

  So there you have it, a few things to consider before totally going all in on heat treatments. As long as the company is willing to give you a good warranty and uses multiple methods to treat, you should get great results. Thank you for reading this article please share it and if you have any more questions find us at Tulsa bed bugs

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