It needs experience and expertise to get rid of the bed bugs because these intelligent creatures can avoid dangerous areas. One can apply different methods of pest control, but it can be difficult to achieve success. These bugs can flee into the walls and hide until it becomes safe for them to return. They can come in larger numbers at later times, and as they can survive without blood for a very long time, therefore, it is never an easy task to wipe them off completely. Only pest control services can be the best option for an individual under such circumstances.

How Long do Bed Bugs Survive, and What Affects Their Life?

Normally the lifespan of a bed bug ranges between four to six months, but some might live much longer than that in cool conditions and without any food. It means that these insects can hide for a very long time before they get a chance to come out and search for food.

Bed bugs develop more quickly when the temperature goes up, so the average time to develop from the egg to laying the first egg is between one to two months. When the temperature is extreme, the bed bug activity and development come to a complete halt.

Bed bugs can be active at 6.6°C which was previously known to be 14°C. Although the temperature is an important aspect that affects the lifespan of a bed bug, humidity also has little impact on its growth and development. Desiccation gets increased when the humidity is low, and on the other hand, when humidity is higher, it can mean the growth of fungi.

Availability of Food

A bed bug feeds around two to three times a week, and to lay eggs they must have a blood meal. As it is not always easy to find a blood meal, they can still survive and laying eggs can be put to hold. It means that they can survive without blood for a longer period. There are certain conditions where the adults, as well as the late instar nymphs, can survive for a long time.

Many experts believe that a newly hatched bed bug nymph may die in a few days after emerging from an egg if it’s not able to find a blood meal. This is where temperature plays a big role in survival time when there is no food. It is also believed that the development time of bed bugs varies according to their populations.

All of this means that it is important for you to rethink the criteria for declaring a home bed bug free. Bed bug populations can remain alive in protected harborages for many months after treatment. It is never a feasible strategy to vacate an infested room or an apartment so that they can die out. They can migrate to a new location when a home is empty. Therefore, it is better to wait for 10 days after treatment and then evaluate its success. If you still can’t find a cure, then the only hope is to get professional help.

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