Bed bugs have indeed remained a problematic pest in the United States for the past few decades, and there is an estimate that one out of every five Americans has bed bug infestations in their home. They can be found in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, buses, and other places where people live or gather.

There is no doubt that bites from these insects can break human skin, and this is called staph infection. Usually, the main reason for this infection is scratching of the itchy bed bug bites, and this can cause red and swollen skin, as well as fever, and the only solution can be using antibiotics. But the best way is to call out the top beg bug exterminators like the Broken Arrow Pest Control to get rid of bed bugs and have peace of mind.

What is Staph Infection?

There are a number of people who either don’t have any idea about staph infection or they completely misunderstand it. This particular infection occurs when bacteria enter the human skin. It is worth mentioning that such an infection can go deep into the tissue and cause serious issues.

Staph infection bacteria are known to be the most common causes of cellulitis. These bacteria tend to enter the body when skin breaks occur. So, the main reason for staph infection is scratching of the bite and not directly because of the bed bug bite.

Can People Get Staph Infection from Bed Bug Bite?

Undoubtedly, people can quickly get a staph infection from a bed bug bite. The main reason is that they scratch or pick at the itchy bed bug bite. Such type of opening is always dangerous because it can enter the skin as well as the tissues.

You may not have noticed, but bacteria are present everywhere. They are even found underneath fingernails or in many other sources. In order to make the infection, they look at a small opening and have a chance to enter and cause problems.

What are the Risk Factors of Staph Infection, and How to Treat it?

Children typically spend a lot of time outside, which is why they can get more bed bug bites compared to adults. Their fingernails can also be dirty, and this can increase the risk of staph infection. Such an infection can cause fever, fatigue, and chills before we are able to notice any changes to human skin.

The best way to treat staph infection is to go for antibiotics. Other than that, it would help if you also kept in mind the bed bug expert who can resolve the issue for you. If you have proper wound care and cover it well, you will be able to prevent further infection. Lastly, you need to take rest, elevate the affected area, and apply cold compresses to reduce the infection.

Contact Broken Arrow Pest Control to Get Rid of the Staph Infection

Staph infection is dangerous if the infection spreads and becomes severe. So, it is crucial to prevent it by looking for the best exterminator near me. Therefore, if you are a resident of Broken Arrow, then your best option is to go for Broken Arrow Pest Control. These are experts who use multiple techniques to remove the bed bugs from your home and give a customized solution for your unique problem. Broken Arrow Pest Control doesn’t require you to do any preparation before their arrival, as they will handle everything themselves and give you the best results.

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